Founded in 1989, DATAMARK, Inc. is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in El Paso, Texas. We serve Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and other large enterprises at our delivery centers worldwide, including the U.S., Mexico, and India.

DATAMARK provides a wide range of outsourced back-office services, including call center services; high-volume digital mailroom and mail center management; data entry, document processing and document management; and financial and accounting services. Our Business Engineering team delivers process improvement consulting, applying Lean Six Sigma methodologies to streamline workflows and improve process quality.

With on-site, onshore and offshore processing facilities, DATAMARK helps improve efficiency and profitability in all business functions across all industries.


Management Team

DATAMARK® is led by a management team with decades of business and technical experience across diverse industries.

Bill Randag


John Holmes

Senior Vice President

Ceasar Casas

Vice President of Global Operations

Matt Lochausen

Vice President of Information Technology

Nina Brown

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Transitioning Your Process

After more than 20 years helping Fortune 500 companies transition to outsourcing models, DATAMARK® has developed the Evolution Solution, a step-by-step framework to address common transition challenges. Read More →

Quality Assurance

Mistakes result in higher costs, longer turnaround times and unhappy customers. To guarantee the highest standards for the work we do, DATAMARK incorporates a Quality Assurance program for all its services. Read More →

Staff Training

DATAMARK's training of production staff for business processes is thorough and rigorous. Read More →

Privacy & Security

Security of your data and physical documents is DATAMARK’s top priority. Read More →

Technology Adoption

Using proven systems and equipment to improve business processes. Read More →

24/7 IT Support

To ensure the highest level of customer care, DATAMARK IT support and Commercial Managers are available to respond to client requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via land line, mobile devices and email. Read More →

Project Management

DATAMARK treats every client as a long-term partner, with a strategic goal of mutual success. Read More →