Privacy & Security

Security of your data and physical documents is DATAMARK’s top priority.

Our multi-layered security approach begins with restricted access to facilities, and includes specialized staff training, encrypted networks and redundant systems to protect the privacy and security of your business information.

Access Control

Access to each building is controlled by swipe cards programmable to specific facilities and times. Visitors are only allowed for official business with DATAMARK and must wear visitor badges and be accompanied by a DATAMARK authorized employee at all times. Security guards are employed at our processing sites.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

A network of cameras and monitors provide 24-hour surveillance for DATAMARK facilities.

Intruder System

DATAMARK buildings are protected by remotely monitored intrusion systems, using sensors to detect door and glass breakage, and motion. Warnings are automatically relayed to the police department.

Fire Detection and Protection

DATAMARK deploys remotely monitored fire and smoke detection systems. Fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems are in place and inspected and maintained regularly.


DATAMARK performs criminal background checks on all employees that work on a customer’s project. This includes data entry, mailroom personnel, shredders, storage personnel, scanners, processors, supervisors, managers, directors, programmers, IT personnel, HR personnel, accounting personnel, officers and clinic workers.

Network Security

DATAMARK employs firewalls, routers, unique user IDs and passwords to maintain security on the network. Encryption systems protect data in transit and at rest. Networks have monitoring and intrusion detection systems in place. Your data is stored on dedicated equipment that is not part of a shared environment.

Disaster Recovery

DATAMARK creates custom solutions to protect client’s data and physical documents, and has redundancies in place in case of emergencies. Read more about Disaster Recovery here.