Staff Training

DATAMARK's training of production staff for business processes is thorough and rigorous.

Staff training is designed to ensure every employee's work product meets the highest quality standards.

Our Quality Control program is incorporated into two important phases of employee development. The first phase addresses the hiring and training of new employees. The second phase addresses the tracking and monitoring of experienced employees' work product.

Hiring and Training Phase

Potential employees must first undergo testing for the basic skills required for a specific business process. This includes typing and 10-key speed and quality for data entry operators. Only until they meet testing requirements may become eligible for the employment process.

The next step is training. Our Quality Control team supervises and administers practice sessions on specific applications with written procedures and practice documents. There are classroom lectures and demonstrations followed by hands-on experience with sample documents. The training sessions are concluded with written tests.

Tracking and Monitoring Phase

Employees are tracked and monitored on a regular basis to ensure the higest levels of quality work. In the case of data entry operators, for example, employees progress through three levels of monitoring as they gain experience. New processors have 100 percent of work sight-verified and are not allowed to move to a higher level until their work is error-free. Experienced, high-level data entry operators are incented for quality and productivity through a bonus program.