Transitioning Your Process: The Evolution Solution

Business Process Analysis - Transitioning Your Process

In preparation for an outsourcing transition, a DATAMARK consulting team will perform a business process analysis to assess your current back-office process. A DATAMARK business process analysis is a rigorous step-by-step assessment that defines your requirements, benchmarks your current level of operations, and identifies opportunities for improvement.

For current-state analysis and solution creation, DATAMARK employs a rigorous application of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to identify wasteful steps in the workflow, determine improvement points, and map out a new flow for a lean process.

Process Migration - Transitioning Your Process

To make certain that every transition to an outsourced business process is successful, DATAMARK applies its rigorous Process Migration Methodology (PMM).

PMM is a highly detailed roadmap that defines every step of a transition, beginning with the creation of the process and ending with its successful migration and transfer to an operations team.

The goal of PMM is to make certain that there are no service interruptions, that process quality is maintained, and that the outsourced process is delivered on time and on budget.

The drivers behind a successful process migration include:

  • Complete visibility from start to finish
  • Identified functions/steps/roles
  • A clear understanding of inputs and outputs
  • Proper planning
  • Constant monitoring
  • Open communication

DATAMARK provides each stakeholder in the migration with a highly detailed, step-by-step project plan that defines key metrics, sets responsibilities and establishes delivery dates.

Process Relocation - Transitioning Your Process

As the process is transitioned, it is leaned, standardized, stabilized, and documented using Lean and Six Sigma efficiency and quality-control methodologies. Metrics are developed to measure and report key process drivers for real-time remote monitoring and management.

If you have initially selected an on-site or near-site outsourcing solution, the next step after process stabilization can be a relocation to take advantage of skill sets at attractive labor rates.

By following the PMM methodology, DATAMARK can easily transition your process to onshore, offshore or farshore locations.  

Innovation & Improvement - Transitioning Your Process

After a successful transition to an outsourced, DATAMARK-managed processes, we will continue find ways to deliver innovations and improvements for your business.

Our Business Engineering Department is tasked with monitoring and evaluating new technologies, equipment and best-in-class business practices and incorporating these proven solutions into our clients’ business processes.

It's a philosophy of continuous improvement that can be applied to all processes across your organization.

After the Transition

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