A Digital Mailroom Eases Growing Pains for a Major U.S. Insurance Company

A Digital Mailroom Eases Growing Pains for a Major U.S. Insurance Company

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A Digital Mailroom is imagined by a company executive looking at a paper-based document management system.

How do you help a major U.S. insurance company handle rapid growth and the strains it puts on their infrastructure? While growth is a sign that your company is doing well, the situation demands attention before it overwhelms your company. Keep reading to learn how DATAMARK quickly resolves growing pains for a large U.S. insurance company client.

Background: Major U.S. Insurance Company Struggles with Rapid Growth

A large U.S. property and casualty insurance company has a successful business model and is growing rapidly. In fact, their revenues are growing nearly 40 percent per year. As numerous new policyholders increase the size of their book of business, they must ensure that their document management infrastructure can handle the load. This holds true especially in the mailroom, which is the entry point for the organization’s critical business documents.

Challenge: Improve Document Processing in the Mailroom for Policyholder Documents 

This U.S. insurance company challenges Datamark to deliver a strategy for future business process outsourcing and handling the critical documentation that arrives through their mailroom. Company executives realize that in order to support their growing size and maintain focus on their core business model, they would be better off outsourcing the organization of their mailroom, paper documents and related business processes. 

Solution: Use DATAMARK’s Business Process Management System (BPMS) & Lean Six Sigma to Streamline Business Processes

DATAMARK experts conduct a business process analysis of the client’s mailroom over the course of two days. The business engineering team documents the workflow using their Business Process Management System (BPMS). Lean Six Sigma and other methodologies are applied to identify and remove redundant steps. DATAMARK’s experts also work with the client to understand the pain points in the process. 

The team identifies four key aspects about the mailroom workflow that reflect characteristics of a smaller organization with lower business volume. First, the current workflow consists of primarily paper-based processes such as sorting, opening, and distributing mail manually. Second, in many cases the steps were repeated as documents are re-sorted, re-distributed and scanned within each department. Third, scanning and imaging of documents happen at the end of the workflow, counter to the foundational element of the digital mailroom. Fourth, all mail workflows are conducted within each department of the organization rather than at a centralized mailroom. The solution becomes clear to DATAMARK experts: this client is the ideal candidate for a transformation into a modern and more efficient digital mailroom.

Within about two weeks, the DATAMARK business engineering team return with a proposed solution. They suggest transforming the client’s outdated paper-based mailroom to a highly efficient, cost-saving, centralized digital mailroom. Another alternative solution is to outsource the mail operations offsite to gain additional benefits such as higher cost savings and reclaimed facility space. 

Results: A Digital Mailroom Increases Speed, Security, Efficiency & Turnaround Time

The client takes into account DATAMARK’s recommendations and high level of expertise in mailroom operations. They decide to implement the new digital mailroom processes. The new process results in the following improvements of their business process workflow including:

Moving forward, the relationship between the client and DATAMARK opens the doors for success in the client’s mailroom operations. This client can also rely on DATAMARK for expertise in other business processes including data capture, claims processing and customer contact centers.

Read the full case study to learn about the success of outsourcing your digital mailroom.

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