Training and Quality Assurance Program Delivers 99.9% Document Processing Accuracy

Training and Quality Assurance Program Delivers 99.9% Document Processing Accuracy

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Training and Quality Assurance Improves Document Processing for a Leading Freight Company

How do you help a leading freight company process thousands of freight bills per day with speed and accuracy? DATAMARK responds to the challenge by creating a robust Training and Quality Assurance Program to deliver 99.9% document processing accuracy.

The Challenge: Improve Document Processing and Accuracy for a Leading Freight Company

A leading freight company challenges DATAMARK to deliver an efficient and cost-effective document processing solution to index its bills of lading (BOL). This client specializes in less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping services in the United States. They require indexing of over 25 bills of lading (BOL) per hour per FTE with 99.9% accuracy using their bill processing system.

Freight bills are received from over 100 terminals and 50 different shippers. Data entry specialists would need to understand varied and complex forms to capture important information. This information includes shipper, consignee, commodities, payment terms and reference numbers.

The Solution: Utilize Business Process Management Strategies to Create a Training and Quality Assurance Program

To meet the client’s service levels, DATAMARK developed a proprietary training curriculum for freight bill document processing at its deliver centers in both the U.S. and India. To start, DATAMARK created a team of business engineers, training specialists and quality specialists. The team analyzed the existing freight bill process to identify areas of improvement.

DATAMARK’s Business Process Management System (BPMS) and Lean Six Sigma Help Streamline Document Processing

Using DATAMARK’s Business Process Management System (BPMS), the team documented each step of the workflow, identifying and removing steps that did not add value. Lean Six Sigma and other methodologies were applied to reduce variations in output quality. DATAMARK’s experts worked with the client to understand the pain points in the process and developed a training system to ensure the high quality of output by data entry keyers.

Boosting Speed and Accuracy of Document Processing through Hiring, Training and Quality Assurance

It was necessary that the workforce be highly knowledgeable of freight industry processes. This includes understanding the purpose of a bill of lading and the language used within the shipping and logistics industry. To process freight bills, data entry staff must be able to quickly identify critical fields and intuitively know where to find information within the BOL. The data entry personnel also had to have proficient keyboarding skills to process the minimum number of bills per hour.

To meet these objectives, DATAMARK created a comprehensive hiring, training, retention and quality assurance program to produce top-performing BOL keyers. Key components of the program include:

Hiring: Our proactive hiring process anticipates peaks in seasonal volume. Often, employees are hired one to two months ahead of predicted peak volumes to ensure high-performing staff are available at any given time.

Training: Staff must be certify through our training program before going live on the production floor. The program includes classroom training, one-on-one training, and a final evaluation. Staff must produce a one hundred percent score on BOL critical input fields to pass the evaluation.

Retention: Staff receive monetary bonuses for extra productivity.

Quality Assurance: All work by staff undergoes an audit process, with one hundred percent of critical fields on BOLs audited. Additionally, DATAMARK developed a proprietary audit tool that reviews critical fields and corrects errors before submission to the client system.

The Results: Freight Bill Processing Teams Deliver 6,500 BOLs Per Day at 99.9% Accuracy

DATAMARK’s international freight bill processing teams have delivered – and continue to deliver – exceptional results for this client. After the development and implementation of this innovative training process, DATAMARK processes over 6,500 BOLs per day, maintaining the client’s expectations of 99.9% accuracy.

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