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Few industries have been stress-tested the last few years more than the Healthcare industry. From global pandemics and natural disasters to the dizzying array of technologies being introduced every year in an effort to streamline the customer journey, the only real constant has been change. At DATAMARK, Inc., we are on a mission to enhance the complete customer experience for both payers, providers, and their customers.

With more than 20 years of experience supporting Healthcare companies and driven by deep expertise in process innovation and contact center solutions, DATAMARK’s healthcare solutions and services are designed in collaboration with our customers. Working together, using process re-engineering methods that are steeped in analytics, we continuously look for opportunities to streamline and automate processes, with a focus on delivering an unparalleled customer experience and enhancing engagement with payers, providers, and patients for better health outcomes.

As the world becomes ever closer, the need for multi-lingual support in healthcare has never been more essential to ensuring a positive patient-provider-insurer relationship. From customer acquisition to care to claims, tailored experiences across technologies and geographies are now expected. However, delivery on the promise has its challenges. DATAMARK is here to help…any time, anywhere, using any technology, across any channel, and in any language in common use.

91% of customers who feel valued stay with the brand.

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Being sick is bad enough. Don’t make your customers sick again when seeking financial assistance for a major healthcare event or submitting a claim. Choosing a partner with rich domain expertise and advanced process re-engineering, and deep digital expertise allows you to stay ahead of your financial challenges while staying at the forefront of delivering a positive customer experience, all while being HIPAA compliant. At DATAMARK, we strive to create solutions that address both your needs and those of your customers.


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Our team cares about processes as much as they do people.


Our longevity in the BPO industry combined with our Enterprise Content Management expertise results not only in superior service to our customers but peace of mind that their business is in good hands. With technologically proficient teams around the globe, DATAMARK is a leader in outsourced ECM solutions.

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