New DATAMARK Report Gives Insider Insights on Most-Outsourced Business Processes

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Companies see improved ROI, error reduction, and increased efficiency by leveraging business process outsourcing in popular key areas.

DATAMARK, a leading business process outsourcing company, just announced the release of its latest fact sheet for enterprise-level organizations. The comprehensive report, “Top 5 Business Processes Companies Prefer to Outsource” offers insider details on which specific processes large corporations are outsourcing today to increase efficiency, reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and cut operational costs, and is available on now.

This installment is the latest in a growing series, called DATAMARK Insights, which contains dozens of industry-specific reports, proven solutions to common pain points, and real-world success stories, all designed to provide corporate leaders with the information they need to make data-driven decisions that lead to success in today’s competitive global economy.

Research shows that companies have a lot to gain by leveraging business process outsourcing, but decision-makers aren’t always aware of all the potential solutions or don’t know which activities are ideal starting points. By learning what’s working for other organizations, corporate leaders are well-poised to advance their own.

“It’s all about freeing the organization to focus on its core business activities,” explains DATAMARK President, Bill Randag. “Outsourcing relieves companies of tedious and repetitive tasks and ensures that the things which once bogged them down, like data capture and document processing, are handled in a professional and efficient manner.”

He says that most large corporations today leverage business process outsourcing in one form or another, but that the needs of each organization differ. For some, the greatest concern is eliminating inefficient processes and unnecessary expenditures, so resources can be redirected to activities that will strengthen the company or contribute to more meaningful growth. This strategy is particularly useful in a tight labor market, as outsourcing allows companies to shift the focus of an existing labor pool. Companies also turn to outsourcing to ensure quality guidelines are being met or for specialized talent.

“Although some business processes are outsourced more than others, and knowing which ones are leveraged the most can help businesses gain a competitive edge, one-size-fits-all plans don’t really fit anyone well,” Randag adds. “At DATAMARK, we get to know each company we serve and create end-to-end solutions based on their unique needs.”

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About the Company:

Founded in 1989, DATAMARK, Inc. is a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company headquartered in El Paso, Texas. DATAMARK serves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other large enterprises at our delivery centers worldwide, including the U.S., Mexico, and India, offering a wide range of outsourced back-office services, including call center services; high-volume digital mailroom and mail center management; and data entry, document processing, and document management, and business engineering services.

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