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Drastically improve efficiency with always-on global manual and automated data capture solutions and data entry services.

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The perfect solution for companies that depend on speed and accuracy for data capture and data entry.

Manual keying services is typically required for the capture of metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. The problem with many of these data entry services is their potential for error, which can cause a number of problems for an organization that depends on accurate data. With DATAMARK, however, businesses have a highly effective tool for outsourcing data entry.

The perfect solution for companies that depend on speed and accuracy for data capture and data entry.

DATAMARK’s intensive Quality Assurance program for data capture, data entry, and indexing projects guarantees 99.9 percent accuracy for single entry work. Now you can improve data capture speed while lowering labor costs by implementing automated outsourced data entry solutions. It’s the perfect solution for companies that need accurate data entry services at an affordable cost.

Benefits of outsourcing Data Capture:

  • Gain better access to new data capture technology
  • Increase accuracy – 99.5% accuracy guaranteed
  • Reduce labor costs and human error
  • Process data quickly and efficiently
  • Systematically organize data

Many industries that can benefit from Data Capture Solutions.

healthcare business process reengineering


transportation and logistics business process outsourcing


government business process reengineering


Retail & Manufacturing

insurance business process outsourcing


Banking and Financial Business process Reengineering

Banking & Financial

energy and utilities business process outsourcing

Energy & Utilities

other industries for business process reengineering


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