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Retailers and manufacturers can benefit from DATAMARK's services in many ways. First, if there is a business process that seems to be continually bottlenecked or leading to poor customer service, our teams can perform a business process analysis to identify the pain points and re-design an improved, streamlined workflow that takes advantage of proven automated technologies.

 If the process is forms-intensive, DATAMARK can help retailers and manufacturers with document-processing services that use both automation and manual operators to handle structured, unstructured and semi-structured forms.

DATAMARK also can create solutions for customer service, such as multi-channel contact centers. As is well known, customer service has moved beyond call centers, and operators are engaging with customers via email, online chat and social media forums. If you're in need of Spanish-English bilingual services, DATAMARK is located in the Southwest U.S., home to a large, well-educated and experienced bilingual workforce.

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  • Contact Center Services

    DATAMARK can create a customized contact center solution for your business that takes advantage of our multilingual, worldwide staff for customer support 24 hours a day, every day.

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  • Business Process Transformation

    DATMARK's Business Engineering team can re-think the way you do business by identifying problem areas in your business process management and using Lean Six Sigma strategies to improve efficiency, productivity and service.

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  • Rebate Outsourcing -The Benefits Of Processing From Image

    Rebates are a great tool for building a base of satisfied, repeat customers. But if your process results in long turn-around-times and payment hold-ups, those customers will think twice before buying from you again. DATAMARK can help your company rethink and redesign its entire rebate process, from the inbound mailroom to the digital imaging of forms, to contact-center service.

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DATAMARK Outsourced Bilingual (English/Spanish) Contact Center Services

In five minutes, learn about DATAMARK’s outsourced contact center solutions. Our bilingual (English/Spanish) agents will help your organization connect with the $1.2 trillion U.S. Hispanic market.

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The Multichannel Experience

What channels do customers prefer when reaching out to a company? It depends on the complexity of the customer-service issue. Speaking to a real person on the phone is preferred by many, but more and more, customers are using alternative channels, including social media.

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Customer Service Expectations for the 2014 Holidays

To help you develop your customer relationship management and contact center strategies for the holidays, we’ve put together a festive infographic revealing shoppers’ customer-service expectations this time of year.

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DATAMARK® develops strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading software providers, technology distributors, system integrators and value-added resellers to deliver comprehensive business process solutions to our clients.


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