On-site Outsourcing Solutions

An on-site outsourcing model, also known as a facility-managed model, keeps your business process at your location, but it is managed and staffed by DATAMARK employees.

Many factors make on-site outsourcing an ideal solution for a company’s business process. For example, if you wish to retain your valuable and experienced staff at your company, they can be rebadged as DATAMARK employees.

On-site outsourcing is an excellent choice for business processes that have certain document control and accessibility requirements. Also, an on-site outsourcing model could just be the right fit for your company’s corporate culture. DATAMARK's Business Engineering and Project Management teams will work with you to find the best solution for your organization.

Benefits of On-site Outsourcing

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Increased security
  • Greater control

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  • Business Process Transformation

    DATMARK's Business Engineering team can re-think the way you do business by identifying problem areas in your business process management and using Lean Six Sigma strategies to improve efficiency, productivity and service.

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