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10 Things to Look for in Your BPO Firm

Partnering with the proper business process outsourcing (BPO) firm can help your organization eliminate bottlenecks, operate more efficiently, deliver better service, boost profit, and more. However, outsourcing companies offer different levels of service, so it’s essential to find one that’s great and the right match for your needs.

On this page, we’ll go over a few things to look for in your BPO firm so it’s easier to compare options and select the one that’s right for you.


One of the easiest things to check is how long a BPO firm has been in business. Companies that have been in business for an extended time demonstrate the following:

Although it’s always a good idea to run some searches to ensure the BPO company is on sound financial footing, growing, and has a stellar reputation, longevity offers a quick snapshot of these factors.

Industry-Specific Experience

Each industry has its own challenges and requirements. For example, healthcare and finance both have regulatory concerns, but governance and application are unique. It’s essential to work with someone who understands these types of industry-specific problems, the market, best practices, customers, and other factors that play a role in your business processes.

Tailored Strategies

Using best practices and proven models to achieve the desired outcome is one thing. It’s an entirely different thing to try to solve business challenges with one-size-fits-all models. Your BPO firm should be interested in what you do—your vision, culture, objectives, and other details that make your organization unique. It should be requesting firsthand information on what your organization is like, how processes are currently being carried out, and what challenges you face. Only then can they provide you with tailored BPO strategies that genuinely fit your needs.

Robust Technological Solutions

There’s much talk about automation when it comes to outsourcing, and that’s certainly a big part of the picture. For example, imagine what it might mean to your organization to have 250 documents scanned per minute, the data extrapolated, and information automatically uploaded to the right system or department. That’s the kind of data capture capability DATAMARK has, and it not only speeds processing but reduces errors. Similar solutions are available for all your business processes, though not every BPO firm invests in the tech or knows how to leverage it to its fullest.

It’s also worth noting that the larger and more established your organization is, the greater your interoperability challenges will be. Knowing you can have hundreds of documents scanned and read in a minute is great, but what happens when your legacy software doesn’t understand the data or won’t accept it? In this sense, tech isn’t always about having the newest and shiniest thing. It’s about finding the right tech for your needs and developing innovative solutions to overcome your challenges. Make sure your BPO firm can address tech from all angles.

The Right People

Technology is only one component of transformation. People play a vital role too. It starts with those you initially interact with at the BPO firm. For example, some may only have you meet with a sales team. Still, others, such as DATAMARK, will bring in business engineers, solutions managers, and anyone else who may be beneficial.

Moving down the chain, there are the people directly carrying out tasks too. It’s essential to know the following:

Company Culture

Pause for a moment and reflect on which employee will produce better results: the one who feels chained to a desk all day and loathes coming to work or the one who feels valued and enthusiastic about their career? The answer is obvious, but unfortunately, far too many outsourcing companies focus on the numbers only and not the people behind those numbers. The approach fails, and results are lackluster. Simply because poor morale tanks productivity and concern for accuracy, thus increasing turnover.

Workplace culture is one of many areas in DATAMARK that stands out. We genuinely care how employees feel about their jobs and have built a positive culture based on rewarding work, teamwork, support, integrity, and volunteerism. Frankly, this is just the right way to operate, but it also results in greater productivity, lower turnover, and superior results.

An Expansive Footprint/ Infrastructure

Sometimes, the best solution is right in your backyard. In these cases, you want a BPO firm that can provide more localized support in-house or nearby. Other times, it’s advantageous to tap into a global workforce, particularly if you’re trying to reduce overhead or can benefit from a skill a specific population is known for, such as bilingualism. In these cases, you need a BPO firm with a global footprint. DATAMARK offers the best of all worlds with BPO sites throughout the United States, Mexico, and India.


This one is quite simple: can the BPO firm grow with your needs? All the factors mentioned thus far, from people to infrastructure and tech, must be scalable. It’s also worth noting that BPO firms often specialize in a specific niche, such as contact centers or accounting. The problem is that leaders typically want to outsource more processes when an organization has a successful outcome with outsourcing. Selecting a partner that can provide for your current and future needs from the start is advantageous.

Risk Management Planning

Risks are an inherent part of business, but your BPO firm should take steps to minimize exposure and have continuity plans to ensure operations don’t stop when an unexpected roadblock appears.


A surprising number of DATAMARK’s new clients aren’t new to outsourcing. They understand the benefits and know how it can strengthen their business. However, they got stuck with an underperforming BPO firm when they first tried it and had to start the search process all over again.

This is why we build service-level agreements into every contract we create, and we provide you with data, including real-time reporting tools, so you can see exactly how we’re performing. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and offer total transparency, giving you greater confidence and the freedom to focus on your business.


With three decades of experience, a global footprint, proven methodology, and clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government organizations, DATAMARK supports all your business process outsourcing needs. Visit to learn more or contact us to discuss your objectives.

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