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5 Signs Your Mailroom Needs Help

The mailroom plays a big role in organizations of all sizes and industries; it serves as the center of communication for businesses. When things go wrong in your mailroom, the effects could ripple into other processes and departments.

Your mailroom is responsible for receiving, sorting, and processing resources that are essential to a properly functioning organization. However, at a certain level, managing mail and the associated processes can become tedious, expensive, and leave your business open to security concerns. What are some common issues with the mailroom? Many stem from an inefficient workflow.

Read on to identify what problems your workflow may be causing and what the solutions can be.

Recognizing Issues with Your Mailroom Workflow

Just because your mailroom may be dealing with a high volume of snail mail, it doesn’t mean you have to live up to the name. Are you concerned that your mailroom may have some gaps in its workflow? Here are some warning signs you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

  1. No Tracking in Place: Does your mailroom know if and when mail has been processed? Without proper tracking tools in place, it’s impossible to monitor your mail from start to finish. An efficient mailroom will have processes that can validate the receipt of inbound and outbound mail.

  2. Too Many Procedures: One issue that many mailrooms encounter is having multiple systems in procedures that are optimized for different document formats (email, web form, letter, etc.). It can be challenging to manage various platforms. Outsourcing your digital mailroom can keep business rolling by instituting one procedure that has the ability to classify and withdraw needed content.

  3. No Automation: While you may be keeping up with your current workload, failing to look ahead is just as bad as falling behind. When you have automated processes in the mailroom, you’re making the jobs of your employees easier and allowing for more optimal efficiency.

  4. Inability to Communicate Status: Whether you’re tracking items within your systems or your need to keep another department informed, a breakdown in communication coming from the mailroom can cause a ripple effect across the entire organization.

  5. Slow to Process: If your mailroom isn’t processing documents soon after the reception, you’re wasting time and losing money. These delays could lead to late fees, damaged relationships, and even impact your customer service.

Correcting these items can give you better visibility over the mailroom process and clean up inefficiencies that may be weighing your business down and, most importantly, help you avoid future problems. Outsourcing your digital mailroom to an experienced BPO partner is the best way to ensure your mailroom workflow issues will be resolved.

DATAMARK Can Help With Digital Mailroom Automation Services

Many companies reach a point where managing mail can become demanding, and if the process is not handled properly it can be detrimental. DATAMARK offers outsourcing, on-site management, off-site digital mailrooms, on-site digital mailrooms, and consulting services to help businesses maximize efficiency in the mailroom.

DATAMARK has provided business process outsourcing solutions for organizations and businesses across various industries since 1989. DATAMARK’s digital mailroom solutions and outsourced mailroom services can offer time and cost-saving Lean Six-Sigma efficiency and quality improvements for inbound and outbound mail workflows, and all associated business processes to help your company achieve business goals. Learn more about our services here or get in touch with one of our Business Development Managers.

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