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7 Ways Digital Mailroom Services Benefit Your Business

Digital mailroom services have revolutionized the industry much like the internet disrupted business as a whole. Before we get into digital mailroom benefits, though, it’s important to explore what the service really encompasses and who it works best for.

A Multitude of Digital Mailroom Solutions Exist

Mailroom automation is a central feature in top-performing organizations. At DATAMARK, this begins with high-volume production mail scanners that interface with automated form classification and data capture systems to rapidly “read” and organize information received. Manual data entry from highly trained professionals is also typically part of a comprehensive plan, ensuring expert eyes, both digital and human, are on critical documents. Combined, these solutions allow DATAMARK to process hundreds of thousands of documents per day, offering a multitude of benefits for our clients.

Digital Mailroom Services Benefit Enterprise-Level Organizations the Most

As organizations grow, the deluge of paper increases too. Some industries are affected more than others. For example, healthcare and insurance companies with claims processing needs, as well as financial and banking institutions and government agencies, which are bogged down further with regulatory guidelines, often need enhanced digital mailroom solutions. Even areas like transportation, retail, and energy are impacted by mass amounts of paperwork that, if not handled properly, resulting in unpaid bills, unsent invoices, and unhappy customers. Generally speaking, the larger your organization is, and the more incoming mail it sees, the more it stands to gain from digital mailroom services.

There Are Seven Key Digital Mailroom Benefits

1. Greater Efficiency

Mailroom automation speeds up processing times considerably. That means information reaches the people it needs to faster, saving time. Greater efficiency also reduces overhead costs, particularly where labor is concerned, and can help ensure money flows back into the business faster as well.

2. Enhanced Accuracy

Even though manual entry is sometimes essential, it’s far more error-prone than automation. For example, when researchers looked at error rates in Excel sheets, they found people make an average of 11-12 errors across 30 sheets, but when an automated tool is incorporated, errors reduce to less than one in the same span. Another study found that 90 percent of Excel spreadsheets have errors from manual entry. While the cost of these errors varies depending on the data and how it’s used, there are plenty of examples in which a simple hand keying error costs a business billions. 

3. Superior Service

Whether your mailroom customers are your internal team members or the people your organization serves, faster processing and improved accuracy always equate to better service. Internally, that means greater efficiency, enhanced productivity, and often improved morale. Externally, it allows your organization to provide a better overall experience, so your customers are happier and more loyal.

4. Improved Security

If your organization is managing sensitive documents that hold information related to billing, health, or personal details, security is of the utmost importance, and often subject to regulatory guidelines. With the right digital mailroom solutions in place, those details stay locked down tight, so only the people who need to see sensitive information do.

5. Better Focus

Unless you’re in the digital mailroom services industry, managing a mailroom isn’t what you do, it’s something you manage as an aside from your core business. By outsourcing your needs, you not only ensure your documents are being managed efficiently and securely but gain the freedom to focus exclusively on the real drivers of your business. 

6. More Visibility and Control

How many pieces of mail did your mailroom process yesterday? How quickly was each item processed? How long did it take mail to reach its intended recipient? If you can’t answer these questions, you’re either not leveraging digital mailroom services or it’s not being used effectively. And, if you can’t measure it, you can’t ensure it’s being handled effectively or hope to improve it. Going digital empowers key stakeholders with the information necessary to make data-driven decisions.

7. Reclaimed Operations Space

True, you can digitize within your organization, but outsourcing allows you to move operations outside your principal location if you choose, freeing up space for other business needs or allowing the organization to condense its physical footprint for cost reduction.

Find the Right Digital Mailroom Solutions for Your Needs

At DATAMARK, we pride ourselves on offering custom solutions for each company we serve. With more than three decades in business process outsourcing and a wealth of experience within multiple industries, our team will ensure you get the value, efficiency, savings, and other benefits you need from your digital mailroom. Contact us to learn more.

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