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A Winning Approach to Customer Experience

At DATAMARK, Providing strategic outsourcing solutions gives our customers the tools to create an outstanding customer experience while improving business efficiency. There’s no better way to do that than to think of the customer experience from the inside out. That is, always start internally with a clear business viewpoint and then make sure this reflects outward at every single touchpoint where your customers interact with your brand.

Why It’s Important to Build a Positive Customer Experience

In today’s fast-moving world, where opinions and pictures are at people’s fingertips, news spread quickly. But unfortunately, nothing spreads more quickly than bad news. With your customers, even one bad experience with a service, product, or customer service representative can have a negative ripple effect, so the stakes are high. Be proactive to make each customer interaction as pleasant, fruitful, and engaging as possible. Because when customer service is done right, you have the opportunity to win a customer for life.

How Does DATAMARK Ensure a Great Customer Experience?

Since 1989, DATAMARK has worked with customers around the world to deliver a winning customer experience strategy based on three main pillars:

Understand Your Audience

DATAMARK works closely with each of our customers to develop a clear understanding of how their business objectives relate to their customers. From there, we build proactive communications, self-service options, or a whole training series for our agents to expertly facilitate each interaction. What is the demographic of the caller? Does the customer need a quick solution or a lengthy explanation? Is a chat function something the customers want? At DATAMARK, we excel in building systems for quick and effective resolutions for the best overall experience, and we rate interactions with agent scorecards. This allows us to track measurable activities and understand the metrics around the preferred customer journey. We always strive to consistently improve upon each interaction on the right channel at the right time.

Hire Team Players

As we all know, the client experience is only as good as the agent at the other end of the call. That’s why at DATAMARK, we always hire team players who are caring and invested in the outcome they are delivering. We aim to hire customer service agents as brand advocates who are dedicated and deeply invested in the specific brand. We encourage this brand loyalty by offering an agent rewards program, complete with swag and prizes to reinforce the relationship and brand investment, serving the needs of the brand while keeping the workforce engaged. We also firmly believe in tracking and measuring agent interactions to continuously improve the customer experience. At DATAMARK, we live our brand promise that we are always “committed to serve, determined to solve, driven to improve.” It’s just who we are as a company.

Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

Listening to our customers is an art we have perfected. With each interaction, our agents are trained to pay attention to tone and subtle comments while asking open-ended questions that we turn into actionable improvements. By taking the time to engage in communication and not simply follow scripts, our agents actively work to enhance the positive brand experience for each of our customers.

It’s never too late to invest in improving your customer experience. For 30 years, DATAMARK has provided cost-effective, results-driven Contact Center and BPO solutions to a wide array of Fortune 500 companies. If you are ready to up your customer engagement game, contact us today.

We’d love to hear your success stories on how your customer service team manages the customer experience to exceed expectations and find where there may be room for improvement. What challenges are you and your team facing right now with customer experience management?

Nina Brown – Vice President of Client Solutions

A 21-year veteran of DATAMARK, Nina leads DATAMARK’s growth and expansion in the customer service contact center and business process servicing (BPO) markets.  Brown, who has served for many years as DATAMARK’s technical sales specialist in support of the company’s business development activities, is responsible for the company’s Sales and Marketing departments.  With her extensive experience with technology and process improvement, Nina is uniquely poised to identify opportunities for business optimization and business growth, thus continuously working to strengthen and expand the DATAMARK client base.  In partnership with DATAMARK’s Business Engineering and Software Development and Validation departments, Nina brings technical innovation to Fortune 500 companies, helping to solve their business challenges. 

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