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Before Outsourcing Your Contact Center, Improve Your Processes

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Before Outsourcing Your Contact Center, Improve Your Processes

For many growing companies, there comes a point where the contact center’s key performance indicators begin to reveal serious problems. Average handle times may start to increase significantly, customer complaints may begin to rise, and operating costs begin to cause headaches.

When the contact center begins to become a big distraction from your core business, it may seem, at first glance, a good idea to just shift the function off to a specialty provider—an outsourcing company that can handle your customer’s calls at a lower cost.

And true, outsourcing may eventually be a part of your contact center solution. But before that decision is made, it makes better sense to start on the path to process improvement by taking a close look at the current state of your contact center processes.

What are the causes of poor contact center performance?

Perhaps performance is suffering because of a poorly documented training process for agents. Maybe the IVR flow needs to be reviewed and tweaked. Maybe call procedures and scripts are in long need of an update. And how about the contact center software platform? Could that be ready for an update as well?

Utilize the knowledge of process improvement specialists

These questions can be answered and addressed by inviting a team of process-improvement specialists to take a systematic approach to determine how your contact center operates. DATAMARK’s Business Engineering team, for example, offers a Business Strategy Assessment service, which can provide a comprehensive evaluation of the current state of your contact center. The assessment includes documentation of the process and high-level process maps that can help uncover defects in the process steps and bottlenecks.

Armed with this knowledge the business engineering team can identify opportunities for process improvement and create solutions using Lean Six Sigma strategies to eliminate non-value-add steps and reduce errors (and ultimately, customer complaints) in the contact center.

DATAMARK’s team can assist your organization with the implementation of process-improvement solutions and, once solutions are in place, measure the results by comparing key performance indicators to the benchmarks from the original state.

Create a culture of continuous improvement

One thing to keep in mind is that process improvement does not stop upon the completion of a project. Failing to regularly examine contact center processes will inevitably lead you back to the same issues (outdated scripts, training procedures, IVR flows, etc.) that brought performance down in the first place.

DATAMARK’s Business Engineering team follows a philosophy of continuous improvement and will leave a plan in place for a regular assessment of performance. And as we mentioned above, perhaps outsourcing will still have a place in your strategy for your newly improved contact center operations. In this case, DATAMARK’s team can present outsourcing options to meet your needs, ranging from outsourcing but keeping the contact center in-house or within the same city, or outsourcing it to nearshore or off-shore locations.

But before making that step toward outsourcing, consider first the services of an experienced process-improvement team that can uncover your contact center’s performance issues and designs a solution for long-term success.

Are you looking for ways to turn your contact center into a high-performance organization? Reach out to our Business Engineering team today for a complimentary initial consultation.

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