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Can You Outsource On-Site?

Whether your organization has limited resources, manpower, or time, there are plenty of reasons why outsourcing may be an attractive option for your business. However, when it comes to business process solutions, many business leaders are thrilled to find out that there’s a way to have your cake and eat it too. 

On-site outsourcing, or a facility-managed model, is a way to keep your business process at your location while letting outsourced experts take over the work. 

Curious about how your company can gain outsourcing benefits while maintaining process visibility? Here’s a quick overview of how on-site outsourcing works and who it’s best suited for. See if your organization stands to benefit.

What is On-site Outsourcing?

On-site outsourcing is a unique mix of outsourcing and insourcing. It’s also a model that allows businesses to employ their outsourcing partner’s specialized skills while maintaining a level of organization and company culture as well as a chance to see what’s going on.

So, who does this work for? On-site BPO can do wonders for almost any organization, but especially those that need or are interested in:

Does your business check off any of the boxes above? If so, on-site outsourcing could be a good fit. While on-site BPO can provide the above, it can also offer some huge rewards. Take a look at some of the most common benefits of on-site outsourcing below.

The Benefits of Outsourcing On-site

Need a little more convincing to bring on-site outsourcing into your business model? Keep these rewards in mind.

  1. Cost Efficient: The magic words every business leader wants to hear – “it’s cost-efficient!” The on-site outsourcing model can reduce operating costs, hiring, training costs, and extra benefits as bonus payments are taken care of by the BPO provider.
  2. It’s Flexible: On-site BPO is the most “go with the flow” of all outsourcing models; it allows for service to be changed based on client’s needs and since the outsourcing is on-site, you’ll have a better opportunity to see that it molds to your organization’s needs. 
  3. Extra Security: Your experienced BPO provider can ensure strict confidentiality and security processes – meaning your business is safe. 
  4. Improved Efficiency: The face-to-face communication aspect of on-site outsourcing means you’re getting real-time service and have the well-trained professionals as close as can be. Don’t lose precious time playing phone tag or sending emails as you have direct access to your BPO provider. 
  5. Vendor Partnership: When you partner with certain BPO providers, you can expect a seamless transition that will bud into a long-term relationship, allowing you to focus on the more pressing issues within your business.

While this outsourcing model comes with its fair share of benefits, you can’t neglect essential factors like the extra resources needed to accommodate on-site BPO. For example, extra office space, desks, phones, and parking spaces will be necessary.

DATAMARK Can Guide Your On-site Outsourcing Solutions

DATAMARK’s Business Engineering and Project Management teams will work with you to find the best solution for your organization. Since offering BPO services for organizations and businesses across various industries since 1989, DATAMARK knows how to work with organizations across the board.

DATAMARK’s team of experts will help you overcome obstacles and allow you to step back from processes and workflows that have slowed you down in the past so that you may focus more on customer-facing issues and growing your business.

Help your business reach the next level when you choose on-site BPO solutions with DATAMARK. Learn more about our on-site business process outsourcing services or contact our Business Development Managers

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