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Cloud Services Now Account for a Third of the IT Outsourcing Market

As a further sign of just how much cloud computing has impacted the IT landscape, a new report by outsourcing consultancy Information Services Group (ISG) finds that cloud services now account for a full third of the IT outsourcing market.

If that number wasn’t incredible enough, the report also found that in just the two years between 2014 and 2016, the size of the cloud services market doubled in size, an explosive amount of growth that demonstrates just how much businesses have come to rely on cloud-based services, and how those services are transforming the way organizations operate.

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There’s a reason that cloud-based platforms have seen such explosive growth in the last half-decade. By outsourcing basic functions to a cloud service, businesses can perform routine functions more easily, save money on data storage costs, share information with greater ease, and speed up the pace at which they operate, all of which contribute to making organizations more profitable.

One example of this type of cloud-based service is DATAMARK’s digital mailroom service, which helps large enterprises streamline their mail processing capabilities, and makes sorting, reading, and distributing large amounts of documents a more efficient process that consumes fewer resources, freeing up valuable time, money, and manpower to be spent on more important tasks.

Complexity increases when organizations reach a certain size, managing all their incoming and outgoing mail becomes an incredibly demanding and resource-consuming process. In addition to finding the space necessary to store all their mail, large organizations must devote large amounts of labor to managing their mail, and often spend outrageous amounts of money on paper.

Additionally, waiting for physical mail to be transported from place to place is a time-consuming process that slows down operations, forcing departments to wait for crucial mail to arrive as it slowly makes its way through the mail system and onto office mail carts.

DATAMARK’s digital mailroom service uses state-of-the-art technology to transform the way enterprises interact with their mailroom. Using high-volume digital scanners, automated form classification and data capture systems, and manual data entry, DATAMARK is able to transform physical mail into high-quality digital documents that can then be distributed to your organization and shared between relevant personnel at a speed more befitting organizations operating in the internet age.

By speeding up both incoming and outgoing mail workflows, cloud-based digital mailroom as-a-service makes organizations more flexible, more efficient, and more profitable. It is this kind of benefit that cloud-based services provide which has led to the cloud becoming such an omnipresent force in the outsourced services market, and which has led so many businesses to embrace the cloud and incorporate it into their daily operations.

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