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Could the Key to Business Process Improvements Be in Office Furniture?

As business process improvement consultants, we are always on the lookout for trends in the workplace. In the offices of the near future, we may find ourselves standing rather than sitting at our desks, thanks to some new trends in furniture design for the workplace.

The demand for height-adjustable, “sit-to-stand” workstations are being driven by a couple of recent developments, according to a report from MLive.

How office furniture may lead to business process improvements

One is research showing that our sedentary office lifestyles are harmful to our health. For example, in a study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers found that people who sit between eight and 11 hours a day have a 15 percent higher chance of dying compared to people who sit less than four hours a day. In response, workers–and the companies that pay their health insurance–are seeking ways to get people out of their chairs.

Also, mobile technology such as tablets and smartphones is freeing us from bulky computers and keyboards that keep us anchored to desks.

Office furniture manufacturers are responding by bringing more sit-to-stand tables to the market, at a variety of prices. Height-adjustable tables now are had for as low as $500 for manually raised versions, or $1,500 or more for fancier, electrically powered furniture.

Companies selling height-adjustable tables and workstations include Enwork and Herman Miller, which markets its Renew line of sit-to-stand tables.

Don’t Sit All Day: Five Ways to Keep Moving at Your Desk (

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