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Data Capture Services: Automated Capture and Processing Solutions

Businesses in a variety of industries rely on high-quality and accurate data on a daily basis. In addition to building databases for sales leads and marketing purposes, data provides owners and managers the level of insight needed to inform business decisions and strategies.

When it comes to data capturing, the process can be difficult and time consuming. This is especially true for large, enterprise-level businesses that need to process a high volume of data each day.

As you evaluate your current structure and processes, it is important to research outsourced capturing and data entry services that will help you streamline the workflow, improve accuracy, and deliver the results you need to reach your business goals.

The Pitfalls of Manual Capturing and Processing

Relying on manual processes for data capture and entry creates an unwanted risk that can undermine the efforts of your team. Manual capture and entry have been the way to go for many organizations in the past, particularly when needing to capture metadata from unstructured and semi-structured forms. The need to move quickly, however, leads to inefficiency and inaccuracy that can render information useless, such as misspelled email addresses or incorrect phone numbers for prospects.

In addition to the risk of error, manual data capture and processing on-site limits the amount of time you are able to spend on the task at hand. In an environment that requires information quickly, an organization cannot afford to be delayed by outdated processes. Working instead with a service to outsource data capturing can have profound effects on a business. This frees you up to invest time, energy, and resources into other areas of the company without sacrificing quality and efficiency.

The Benefits of Automated Capture and Processing

By automating these critical processes, you will see an increase in data capture speed and accuracy. In fact, DATAMARK’s Quality Assurance program guarantees 99.5 percent accuracy for single entry work for those clients that outsource data capturing and processing. Increased speed means that projects are completed faster so that your business has the data it needs to move forward. Outsourcing capturing and data entry services also reduce your overhead so your company can lower its operating costs.

Onshore, nearshore and offshore outsourcing options also mean that you can take advantage of services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These services are able to capture metadata automatically from scanned forms, and you can work with DATAMARK to create structured forms for capturing data with a variety of character recognition methods.

Once your data has been captured from forms, it can then be automatically processed and analyzed. You can then retrieve the information in a number of formats, such as XML and CSV, depending on your individual needs.

Outsourcing these services has helped businesses and groups across a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, finance, insurance, retail, and government agencies. You can learn more about all of the ways outsourcing and implementing an automated data capturing and processing solution can benefit your organization by connecting with a DATAMARK representative. Call us today at 800-477-1944 to get started.

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