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DATAMARK Celebrates Kolkata Karnival

“Leadership is to transform a vision into reality!”

No doubt that this is what Datamark Leadership truly believes in. Strong leadership aims to develop meaningful interactions within the organization, foster trust and collaboration, and merge boundaries. With 2020 stopping us in our tracks, reorganization and accelerating remote work became the order of the day. And to meet the requisite numbers, employees are now working from across 20 states pan-India. The new normal through virtual meets and screen chatter cemented the bonds within the team despite physical constraints. Though, personal interactions are essential for creating genuine ties, this one-of-a-kind ‘Karnival’ was a remarkable brainwave for the team to connect with the outstation employees in person!

DATAMARK gets together to celebrate Kolkata Karnival
DATAMARK employees cheering at the Kolkata Karnival celebration
DATAMARK employees receiving awards at the Kolkata Karnival
DATAMARK employees gather together for a picture at the Kolkata Karnival

The Start of The Celebration

The journey commenced in the city of joy ‘Kolkata’ for a fun-centric, laughter-filled day. The pleasure of seeing and knowing each other personally was evident by the smiles on everyone’s faces. To begin the razzmatazz, leaders introduced themselves, sharing their unique experiences, anecdotes, and opinions to inspire the employees, along with painting a beautiful and clear picture of the unprejudiced values of the organization. It was delightful to witness the fantastic camaraderie among the team.
Fun-filled cultural activities brought out the best in people, facilitating the exploration of creativity and showcasing talents, abilities, and positive qualities. The top performers were felicitated and awarded for their exemplary work and for going the extra mile! The sparkling conversations, upbeat music, and delicious food add to the excitement! Morales was at an all-time high.

The event left an incredible mark in the history of Datamark. The stunning success of the event forces us to reflect on the intrinsic value of togetherness. It shines a beacon that paves the way to unite the entire Datamark family based on our integrity, respect, teachability, and teamwork principles.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”

Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service