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DATAMARK Releases eBook, “An Introduction to Mailroom Outsourcing”

Document and information managers in large enterprises understand that their core business is not receiving and distributing mail. That kind of specialized business function is best handled by a mailroom service provider, who can do the work better and at a lower cost.

Additionally, businesses that outsource the mailroom function benefit by being able to return their focus to the core, profit-producing activities.

DATAMARK’s eBook, “An Introduction to Mailroom Outsourcing” offers insight on the best practices and considerations for effective outsourcing arrangements with service providers.

Available as a .pdf download, the eBook covers the following topics and includes links to resources for more in-depth information:

Introduction: Why Outsource Mail Operations?

Chapter 1: The “Digital Mailroom”

Chapter 2: Transform Processes

Chapter 3: Mailroom Outsourcing in Action: Case Studies

Chapter 4: HR Management: A Compassionate Approach to Outsourcing

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