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DATAMARK’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, corporate social responsibility means “the continuing commitment by a business to contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the community and society at large.” Corporate Social Responsibility is, of course, good for the community, but the effects can be felt throughout an entire organization. Increased consumer awareness of ethical practices has heightened the value of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been around in various guises for a quarter-century or perhaps longer. It has evolved to the profession’s status and is being debated worldwide, advanced by globalization and technology. There are (CSR) consultancies and think tanks in most developed and developing countries worldwide. Social, environmental, and economic shocks elevate corporate responsibility issues to the international arena.

Companies that aspire to be leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility, such as DATAMARK, are challenged by rising public expectations, increasing innovation, and heightened social/environmental issues. We must chart our CSR course in a very complex and dynamic environment.

CSR as a Part of our Brand

With that understanding, corporate responsibility is more than just a buzzword at DATAMARK. It’s woven into the fabric of who we are and what we believe in. CSR has become an essential aspect of our brand and culture and a critical element of our public relations. Over the past 20 years, DATAMARK and its employees have donated funds and countless volunteer hours to make our world a better place. We support organizations focused on feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, educating the youth, and promoting Christian values.

Our main initiative, DATAMARK Gives Back, is set in place to foster a work culture that promotes corporate social responsibility and stewardship. While remaining true to our core values – Treating Others with Respect, Acting with Integrity, Teachability, and Working as a Team.

DATAMARK’s vision for this program is to encourage and provide ample volunteer opportunities for our employees. This allows them to see it as part of their responsibilities as DATAMARK team members. The DATAMARK Gives Back committee meets monthly to review recent initiatives and discuss the success of the events and activities. During this time, conversations about potential opportunities and future events occur. These events are then championed by an individual or a small team at each location to communicate the activity.

The DATAMARK Gives Back Impact

This vital program has impacted marginalized communities in a myriad of ways. A recent initiative where we saw our charitable impact was when we supported the food distribution in El Paso, TX. This was during the pandemic when people were laid off and in need of groceries. The demand was incredibly high, yet the volunteers were few. It was evident that giving our time to feed the community was not only helpful but necessary.

The DATAMARK Gives Back program is also exceptionally beneficial to our team morale. Employees feel as though their employer gives back and are instrumental in helping their communities. There is a sense of pride in the company they work for and encourages collaboration. Employee engagement in our social initiatives contributes to our cohesion as a team.

And this program isn’t just US-based. Our international team members also take part. Recently, an individual from one of our Mexico locations began generating opportunities for that region. It became apparent that the committee is instrumental in carefully, thoughtfully, and successfully coordinating and implementing essential giving activities.

Examples include:

Creating and Nurturing Partnerships

All opportunities are carefully considered and vetted to benefit the community and its people. We build partnerships by taking the time to seek out opportunities to connect the community’s needs with the team’s charitable efforts. We strive to find fun ways to engage the team and, in turn, support organizations serving the critical needs of the community.

Looking Ahead

The Gives Back committee plans to run/walk with the local orphanage in El Paso, TX. We also plan to incorporate several DATAMARK Gives Back initiatives into the upcoming Semi-Annual Meeting in April and will determine our partnerships at that time.

Our Promise

At DATAMARK, we promise to strive to remain diligent in the DATAMARK Gives Back initiatives by ensuring we continue to foster a work culture that promotes corporate social responsibility by donating time, money, and resources for those in need in our communities.

Corporate Social Responsibility isn’t just something we say; it’s something we live.

Michelle Hayes – Executive Services Administrator

For nearly twelve years, Michelle Hayes has served as the Executive Services Administrator for DATAMARK’s corporate office located in El Paso, Texas. During this time, Michelle has sought to bring a higher level of understanding to the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through her efforts in overseeing the company’s worldwide CSR program “DATAMARK Gives Back.” In addition, she has sought to be a driver in organizing various events and activities that seek to bring a higher level of camaraderie to the team.

Prior to joining DATAMARK, Michelle worked for a private medical practice where she oversaw all elements of human resources, accounts payable, medical billing, and other office management requirements. Prior to this time, she supported the benefits and recruitment efforts for Hawaii Pacific Health, a parent company for hospitals throughout the Hawaiian islands. Adding to her skills is her experience with the newspaper industry, where she worked in the editorial and marketing fields for publications such as the Seattle Times and Rocky Mountain News.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree from Colorado State University-Global Campus.

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