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DATAMARK’s Interpretation Services

Various industries such as medical/healthcare, constantly rely on DATAMARK’s interpretation services. Equally important, no matter the industry, DATAMARK’s interpreters must be fast, professional, courteous, and easily accessible. Some of the services that DATAMARK offers may vary between locations, but overall, DATAMARK excels in keeping each site consistent. If you are considering outsourcing your translation/interpretation services, research what each company can offer your business in-depth. What type of work do you need? Are you in need of video interpretation? Or perhaps just over-the-phone interpretation? Whether clients need language services via phone or video, DATAMARK is ready to provide exceptional service.

What Makes DATAMARK’s Translation Services Different?

DATAMARK started its first interpretation service project over six years ago and has thrived ever since. By using the latest technology, implementing optimal operational performance, and scouting, training, and developing its own interpretation team, DATAMARK has been able to see success with its clients. DATAMARK’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is an objective that is constantly met. By conveying all messages with accuracy, neutrality, empathy, compassion, and respect, DATAMARK can reach that objective. Each customer is assisted quickly with the help of an experienced agent. Every agent has access to the technologies DATAMARK uses, which helps them assist customers in the best way possible. 

DATAMARK aims to use the total experience model to continue improving operations along with the unique services offered. The goal is for every person involved to leave the conversation with more knowledge than before. DATAMARK wants agents to feel comfortable and happy at work. This helps to keep attrition low and morale high. Along with the valuable services DATAMARK offers, happy agents and customers, go a long way. 

World Class Customer Service in Multiple Languages

As mentioned before, DATAMARK offers many interpretation/translation services. Each language service entails its own customer service protocol and standards. No matter how similar or different one service may be from the next, they’re all upheld to the best standards. 

Advanced Interpretation/Language Services

DATAMARK Mexico offers bilingual call centers to clients specializing in English and Spanish. While DATAMARK India offers interpretation/language services in over 16 different languages. Some of these languages include:

International LanguagesDomestic Languages (India)

DATAMARK’S ability to offer in-depth language services helps improve the quality of the inbound call center services. When a company can offer your valuable customers assistance in multiple languages, they are far more likely to have their questions answered and leave the conversation feeling satisfied. 

An Interpreters Role

Interpreters can quickly assist customers in the many languages offered. DATAMARK interpreters undergo a rigorous hiring process to ensure the best are hired for clients. This is proven by the fact that other companies who provide similar services consist of small, self managing companies of four employees or less and do not have the same strategies as DATAMARK. On the other hand, not only does DATAMARK task itself with employing and developing every single one of its interpreters. They also go through 2,700 applicants monthly, thoroughly interviewing, screening, testing each applicant, and narrowing down the pool to 21 official DATAMARK interpreters. 

Additionally, there are four prominent roles in hiring interpreters at DATAMARK. Those four positions consist of CSA, OPI, VRI, and QAS. These positions are assigned to interpreters depending on their skill and language level. Customer service agents take care of clients by providing information and solutions to customers calling in. Over-the-phone interpreters handle incoming phone calls that need help interpreting, whether for healthcare, government, or financial industries, to name a few. Video interpreters are similar to over-the-phone interpreters; but, as the name mentions, it is done through video calls. Lastly, there is a quality assurance specialist. This role is to provide consistent quality auditing through monitoring the contact center workforce; and ensuring that DATAMARK’s standard of quality is always a priority. 

DATAMARK’S interpretation services do not include only verbal languages; sign language interpreters are always available. DATAMARK’s interpreters take on the roles of information conduit, clarifier, and culture broker and are advocates for customers. 

Quality Customer Service

Many language service companies have their specific way of measuring quality customer service, and just like them, DATAMARK does as well. DATAMARK has its own metrics for defining, measuring, analyzing, and improving its language services to ensure its clients that they are constantly striving for improvement. Whether it’s by tracking their staffing requirements, length of phone calls, or refused phone calls.  These are just some things that DATAMARK keeps in mind to continue improving in the best way for their clients. 

Final Thoughts 

DATAMARK always wants to ensure that the best services are offered to clients with well-trained agents. Every unique service that is put in place is meant to raise the total experience all around. It is essential for DATAMARK, clients, customers, and agents to have access to the best services, technology, and anything else needed. Here at DATAMARK, providing the services that your business needs to succeed is always the #1 goal. 

Celebrating 30 Years of Exceptional Service