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Developing High-Quality Interpretation Agents

High-Quality Interpretation

Prioritizing customer success is at the core of most, if not all, business operations. And if your clients are looking to scale their business – especially globally – it’s imperative they provide their customer base with multilingual customer support.

DATAMARK delivers multilingual interpretation services across a number of industries, from recruitment to training and beyond. As a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider since 1989, we have over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and everyone in between. We can work with you, too.

We Recruit and Train the Best Interpreters

Our interpreters become a true extension of your client’s brand. We accomplish this by using a hands-on approach through every step of our collaboration.


Interpreters undergo a rigorous recruitment process. We review an average of 2,700 applicants monthly, thoroughly interviewing, screening, and testing each candidate. The key components of our assessment process include bilingual fluency, written and comprehension, audio interview, and interpretation homework.

Candidate assessments include:

DATAMARK assess all candidates to possess an adequate proficiency level in both languages. Additionally, DATAMARK manages all employment logistics with our interpreters.


When onboarding, we provide interpreters with targeted training that aligns with your client’s goals and company culture. We packed our customer service blueprint with all the best practices gathered in the last three decades.

Basic training includes:

Specializations include inbound and outbound strategies, customer care, order processing, technical support, and customer relationship management, to name a few.

Ongoing Development

Our job doesn’t end after onboarding. We support the success and job satisfaction of our interpreters with ongoing coaching, development, and quality monitoring.

Ongoing training includes:

Many of our interpreters become experts in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, finance, insurance, social services, utilities, government, and travel and hospitality.

Proficient in 22+ Languages

Our interpreters excel in over 22 languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French, German, and many more. From translating written material to interpreting speech from one language to another, they can handle it all. Sign language interpretation is available as well.

Accent Neutral Interpretation

Our interpreters also use accent neutralization, “the process of understanding subtle regional differences in the way a language is spoken, and trimming the edges to make one’s speech sound more neutral.” Meaning, interpreters have little to no accent when taking calls, ensuring we do not lose important messages at any point of the conversation.

Adept in Various Technology and Tools

We can deliver our interpretation services via any mode of communication: face-to-face, phone, video, mobile app, tablet, desktop computer, telehealth, and more. We use our own metrics for measuring, analyzing, and improving our interpretation support. For example, a tracking software is used to monitor staffing requirements and length of calls. Ultimately, we work to strengthen critical metrics like reducing Average Handle Time.

Remote or in Office

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the world has drastically shifted to digital. Today, our interpreters primarily work from home. This is a fantastic option to free up office space, resources, and reduce costs. Additionally, a remote environment helps us recruit top-talent interpreters from anywhere in the world. However, we can set up in-office call centers based on your client’s needs.

What Are Your Needs?

Now you know the ins and outs of DATAMARK’s interpretation services and how we work to ensure an excellent customer experience for your client’s business. What are your needs?

And where do you need us? We got you covered 24/7 around the globe. Contact us and a DATAMARK representative will get back to you in no time.

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