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Digital Mailroom Outsourcing Services

As businesses continue to grow, a decision must be made about where to invest money and additional resources. Over time, mailroom operations for growing enterprises and Fortune 500 companies can become difficult to manage. In addition to having to sort, process, and distribute mail throughout a large organization, mailrooms can also take up valuable real estate in a building and be a drain on labor and resources.

Outsourcing mailroom services and converting your operation to a digital mailroom will allow you to invest in technology that helps solve these challenges and more. In order to make the most out of a digital mailroom, it is important to understand how your organization will benefit compared to your mailroom’s effectiveness now.

Missed Opportunities with Physical Mailrooms

When you think of a physical mailroom at a company, you might picture stacks of envelopes and paper everywhere. As mail comes in or gets sent out, you need to factor in the time it takes to process it, and either distribute it or forward it through the mail. Mailrooms can require specialized equipment and storage solutions, and time spent routing mail to the correct individuals in the organization is time that information is not in the hands of those who need it most. Items that get lost in processing or delivery can also lead to miscommunication, which can have costly consequences, such as missed invoices.

In addition to using a large number of valuable resources, the space that a mailroom takes up can be put to better use. When a company needs to bring on additional staff to support growth, it is more cost-effective to convert the space into cubicles or offices. Turning to a digital mailroom is about more than just freeing up space in the office. There are also a number of benefits that help your company run more efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Using a Digital Mailroom

Strong communication is critical for companies to continue to succeed. From the corner store to the Fortune 500 executive’s corner office, an organization needs to be in sync in order to thrive. This is where a digital mailroom comes in. Working with an experienced digital mailroom partner grants you access to top-of-the-line technology that can turn thousands of documents each day into useful digital versions that your team receives quickly.

By combining the inbound and outbound mail processes into an automated system, you also get the benefit of automated form classification and data capture. This provides cost and time savings in an all-in-one solution. At the same time, documents are more secure, and your business has more control over the process. When incoming mail is scanned and sent to the intended recipient, he or she can then share it as regulations allow, eliminating the need to copy, print, and eventually shred documents.

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