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Digital Mailrooms Explained and Why Your Business Needs It

As a company grows, so does the number of bottlenecks and inefficiencies it faces. If you manage a department, then you know just how important it is to maximize efficiency.

For over two decades, Fortune 500 companies and other enterprises spanning various industries have trusted DATAMARK as a provider of outsourced digital mailroom services.

Who is the Digital Mailroom For?

Once a company reaches a certain size, managing the mail can become a demanding and tedious process that wastes a lot of space, paper, and labor. Issues in the mailroom can cause a domino effect of other problems around your organization from relationships with clients to your profit margins, leaving these issues unaddressed may cost you. If your company has remote workers, is looking to cut costs, boost productivity, and offer faster turnaround for customer communications then a digital mailroom is a way to go.

From providing extra security to cutting down on overhead here are a few ways a digital mailroom can help improve productivity, and efficiency, and allow your company to manage resources better.

5 Benefits of a Digital Mailroom 

Something as simple as processing and accessing important documents upon arrival can make a huge difference in your business. Here’s how:

  1. Cost Reduction: Digital mailrooms allow you to save money by cutting the reliance on manual processes like mailroom clerks. Automated processes also allow for improved productivity while minimizing labor. Imagine the possibilities when you’re able to reduce costs associated with physical storage, delivering documents, as well as fees that come from late payments and lost invoices.
  2. Provides Instant Access: When trying to complete a project or engaging in a customer service experience you don’t always have the luxury of time to look for a document. When your company has a digital mailroom, you’re allowing team members the benefit of accessing files instantly, which is especially important if you have remote workers. No more wasting time looking through a filing cabinet or making calls to other departments or offices to find a document. Your employees will be able to search for, share, and monitor documents from any secure space, like their computer or mobile device.
  3. Increase Efficiency: Going off of the benefit mentioned above, think of all the time your employees will save by having instant access to important files! When your team isn’t wasting time searching for a document they’re able to stay focused on the task at hand and get their job done more quickly. Plus, digital mailrooms help lower the chances of a file becoming misplaced or lost.
  4. Improve Compliance: Regulatory compliance is constantly evolving and demands more awareness and insight into enterprise content from various channels. With a massive volume of documents coming in every day, it can be tricky to meet compliance. However, digital mailroom automation services can transform content, reduce errors and omissions, and ensure sensitive information is never misplaced. Lower your risk and erase the threat of fines with digital mailroom solutions.
  5. Enhances Customer Service: Manual processes can slow down a business’ ability to reach customers. Digital mailrooms greatly increase the speed at which a company can connect with clients. Embracing the digital mailroom can allow your business to organize and distribute content appropriately and deliver straight to a content management system, allowing your employees to access needed information to provide excellent customer care.

DATAMARK has the Digital Mailroom Solutions for Your Business

The benefits of outsourcing your digital mailroom go far beyond this list, but we hope these five factors above have given you a good first look into how they can improve your business. Let DATAMARK’s digital mailroom services help you report on trends and support your business’ growth. Using state-of-the-art technology and a combo of manual data entry and automated form classification and data capture systems, we’re able to offer all of the above benefits and more!

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