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Digitizing Paper Documents is a Sure Bet for the Casino and Hospitality Industry

Today, every type of business is doing its best to move at digital speed, and those in the casino and hospitality industry are no different.

But despite efforts to shift to digital forms and digital signatures to unlock new efficiencies from business processes, paper documents are still pervasive. 

Large casino and hotel systems take in or generate thousands of paper documents every day. In many cases, these documents need to be retained for at least five years to meet the requirements of state gaming commissions’ audit and tax and license divisions.

Before the paper documents are moved into storage, taking the first step towards digitalization and converting them to digital images makes sense to make them quickly retrievable and searchable. These digitized documents will also contain a wealth of data: some critical for business processes such as procuring to pay and order to cash. Data captured from digital images of paper documents can also be mined for useful information to help cut costs, increase process efficiencies or support strategic decision-making.

DATAMARK has the capability to provide high-volume scanning and digital imaging of documents for the casino and hospitality industry. This type of service can be provided off-site, at a nearby facility, or on-site at the clients’ facility. As the service provider, DATAMARK would recruit, hire and train scanning staff. Clients that generate very large volumes of paper documents could benefit from an outsourced shared services model, with a DATAMARK-operated document-scanning center providing support to multiple departments or divisions of a client’s casino and hotel system.

After documents have been transformed into digital images, DATAMARK can also handle downstream business processes such as automated data capture using optical character recognition (OCR), manual data capture, invoice and order processing, and any other related business process.

Learn more about DATAMARK’s outsourced document scanning and imaging solutions at this link, or contact us for a complimentary initial consultation with a document solutions expert.

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