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“Do You Speak Spanish?”- The Data Shows the Need for Bilingual Contact Center Agents

DATAMARK, Inc., has been employing bilingual agents since 1990.  

Hispanics and Latinos, whom the U.S. Census Bureau predicts will account for half the population growth by 2020, have a consumer market value of $1.7 trillion, according to a recent report. With such a high impact on public and industrial affairs, there is now a dire need for companies and corporations to hire bilingual contact center agents to support Hispanic and Latino customers.  

DATAMARK, Inc., one of the nation’s leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies, not only has the experience and expertise to help improve contact center processes but also has a highly-trained and skilled bilingual staff, employing English and Spanish-speaking agents along the U.S.-Mexico border, home to one of the nation’s largest bilingual communities.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey recently took notice of the growing need for bilingual agents. The company hired bilingual representatives to help Hispanic and Latino residents obtain health insurance. The insurance company also created a Spanish-language website.  

Other professional entities are looking to serve their Hispanic and Latino customers as well.  

The Parkland Health and Hospital System in Dallas, Texas, began recruiting bilingual employees in May of 2018 to help tend to the projected 1.2 million interpretations needed by patients, hoping to hire 80 additional individuals to join their contact center by the end of 2019.

In the 2016 Census, 39 million people reported Spanish as their primary language. This data is sure to factor into the customer pool of businesses if it hasn’t done so already. This is why it is highly suggested that contact centers hire bilingual agents.

 The New American Economy reported that almost 47,000 job openings were posted for bilingual customer care representatives in 2015. That same year, roughly 240,000 postings were aimed at bilingual workers across many industries, according to the same report. Many of those postings came from banking and financial institutions as well as healthcare providers.

In 2017, Chase Bank was looking to contract 100 Spanish speakers for their San Antonio corporate center, illustrating the need for the banking and financing sector to cater to the Hispanic and Latino communities.

The International Customer Management Institution, which helps contact centers achieve better ratings and scores, reported that 86% of contact centers are informed of having non-English speaking customers with only 66% having sufficient customer support in another language that isn’t English. Not surprisingly, the report showed that 87% of customers preferred to be helped in Spanish.

The data and numbers speak for themselves. Spanish-speaking agents are a must for thriving companies and corporations.

DATAMARK has long provided clients with Spanish-speaking agents throughout an array of sectors including finance, healthcare, 311 non-emergency hotlines, and language interpretation services. In DATAMARK facilities both nationally and internationally, agents have been assisting customers in both English and Spanish throughout the history of the company.

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