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Establishing the Top Deliverables for Your Contact Center Services Provider

How does a company determine the performance of its outsourced contact center operations? It all begins with a clear understanding of what deliverables are expected from the contact center services provider, i.e., the measurable business goals and targets the provider should achieve.

The process of understanding a contact center’s deliverables begins with strategy sessions between a company’s executives and the operations team of the contact center services provider. These meetings may coincide with the company’s annual budgeting process—after all, when money is on the line, organizations want to know what they are getting for their annual spending.

So, what are the most important deliverables expected from the contact center? The answer will always be: “it depends.” Companies’ internal culture will establish goal priorities—maybe the top priority is customer happiness. Maybe it is controlling contact center costs. Or it may be turning the contact center into a revenue generator in the case of outbound and inbound sales.

Regardless of the top priority, the important step is defining goals for the outsourced contact center and agreeing on ways to determine if the contact center is achieving those goals. This is the realm of measurement, or contact center metrics.

Below is an example of goals that a company can establish for its contact center services provider and the metrics used to measure performance. In this case, the company has placed a priority on cost control. Customer satisfaction is important as well, but perhaps, in this case, the company wants to drive out costs and achieve high efficiency before turning its focus on high rates of customer satisfaction:

Contact Center Deliverables

Priority 1: Cost Control


Priority 2: Customer Satisfaction


A clear understanding of a company’s priorities and internal culture helps pave the way for contact center services that deliver the best performance for dollars spent. When engaging with a provider of contact center services, it’s important to take the time to build the foundations for a strong relationship. This means having open lines of communication, regular site visits to each other’s locations, and meetings to establish performance expectations and requirements.

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