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Global Delivery Centers: Benefits of Document Scanning and Imaging

Companies in numerous industries gain several benefits by converting the normal format and large format documents and papers into digital versions utilizing our global delivery centers and document scanning and imaging solutions.

Our global delivery centers make it simple and easy for companies of all sizes and in all locations around the globe to convert from paper-based document storage into digital image-based storage. Once fully converted, our ongoing services and solutions allow you to properly manage and update your documents using effective scanning solutions. In addition, databases can be indexed and made searchable based on your own specific criteria.

The main benefit of a digital image database is being able to quickly retrieve and share digital documents with other people within your organization, as well as your customers, clients, and vendors. Further, access to the database and documents incorporate security features that you define. For instance, you can decide who can upload and add new documents; who can view, print, and retrieve documents; and more.

Outsourcing paper-to-digital conversions is cost-effective. We already have the expertise, equipment, and staffing needed to undertake a major project like this. You do not have to worry about finding employees, purchasing or leasing equipment you may not need long term, and other such expenses. Plus, we provide ongoing support and services after the initial conversion process to help you maintain a paperless office!

We have assisted many Fortune 500 and global operations with their conversions using our high-volume scanning and imaging solutions. Our global delivery centers are equipped with the latest high-speed, high-volume scanners, and are capable of supporting both short-term and long-term projects. We have even performed scanning and imaging services for special document projects involving rare, fragile, large-format, books, and microfilm conversions.

For more information about our onsite, offshore, and nearshore scanning and imaging services, or other solutions, contact Datamark at 915.778.1944 now to speak with one of our representatives.

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