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How BPO Automation & AI can Boost Your Outsourcing Results

If you want to get the most from your business process outsourcing (BPO), tech can play a pivotal role. BPO automation, in particular, increases efficiency as well as accuracy, and emerging artificial intelligence in BPO presents a world of new opportunities.

Let’s take a look at how tomorrow’s tech is delivering unprecedented results for companies that outsource today.

Hundreds of thousands of documents can be scanned rapidly with BPO automation tools.

One of the most popular types of BPO automation involves document processing. Hundreds of documents can be scanned per minute, making it easy for organizations to handle large amounts of claims, invoices, applications, patient records, and more. Best of all, specialized systems can now read and understand the characters contained in structured and semi-structured documents, making things like digital mailroom management a breeze.

BPO automation helps customers connect quickly with organizations too.

Whether customers are calling a contact center or are greeted by a chatbot on a website, BPO automation is part of the process. In call centers, specialized software is used to route callers to the correct department—in some cases leveraging data such as a phone number to provide customers with faster routing or quicker service. On sites, basic chatbots stand at the ready, providing customers with solutions via a search engine or greeting them and routing them to the best representative for their needs.

Artificial intelligence in BPO has service and security applications as well.

Some of the smartest chatbots take things a step further by analyzing the sentiment of messages, ensuring smoother handling of customer issues. Artificial intelligence in BPO also presents the opportunity to leverage machine learning. Sophisticated programs can now detect things like emerging customer issues or identify security risks based on trends.

Customized business process automation solutions deliver the ultimate value.

It’s not always easy to know what your organization will benefit from, and even the best BPO automation techniques still rely on well-trained human team members too. In these cases, companies like DATAMARK, which offer business process automation solutions, can help ensure you’re leveraging the right tech and have an expertly-trained staff available to handle the tasks bots can’t. By combining the best of all worlds—state-of-the-art technology and a proficient team—you can create natural audit trails, tap into cloud-based services, streamline work queues, and address whatever your organization’s biggest pain points are in a cost-effective manner.

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