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How Contact Center Outsourcing Increases Your Profitability

Contact center outsourcing rose to popularity because offshoring is significantly cheaper than maintaining operations in the United States. Everything from the physical location through labor costs is slashed. However, companies, at least partially due to consumer pressure, have started reshoring customer contact centers over demand for better service. This naturally begs the question—is there any financial benefit to working with contact center outsourcing companies anymore? Below, we’ll explore some of the factors that allow outsourced contact centers to boost your profitability, no matter what destination you choose for your facility.

1. Contact Center Outsourcing Companies are Efficiency Experts

The cost reductions when you switch to contact center outsourcing go much deeper than simply leveraging developing economies. When you work with a company like DATAMARK, process engineers explore every aspect of your contact center, from the technology being leveraged through call flow and bottlenecks, ultimately creating processes that are optimized for efficiency. This allows organizations to run leaner, which naturally saves money.

2. Improved Service Boosts Your Bottom Line

From shorter wait times through faster resolutions and more personalized care, outsourcing can improve the quality of customer service in a big way. In the short term, this makes for happier customers, but it also impacts areas like customer retention and loyalty, which increases the lifetime value of customers as well.

3. Access to Premium Tech for Less

Knowing which tech to leverage and integrating it isn’t a cheap or simple process. When you do it alone, you’re on the hook for those expenses, whether the tech improves your contact center or not. On the flip side, contact center outsourcing companies work with the tech every day, so it’s easy for them to see which ones come out on top. Plus, they integrate them on a large scale, splitting the cost across multiple companies rather than just one.

4. You’ll Get Greater Clarity and Focus

Back-office processes are essential to the success of your organization, but they’re not your specialty or what you do best. While it may not be a big deal to manage a contact center on top of other duties when your organization is small, but as it grows, it’s easy to get sidetracked by them. Companies that leverage outsourced contact centers restore focus on their core area of business, so they can drive the organization forward.

5. Better Use of Your Resources

Physical space, talent, cash, and all sorts of resources are poured into your processes. As these processes are refined and made more efficient, these resources are released, so you can use them to bolster your core areas of business.

6. Continuity Planning Minimizes and Eliminates Unnecessary Downtime

Missed opportunity, frustrated customers, idle employees, and more can occur when your organization has unexpected downtime. All too often, natural disasters, such as fires or floods, man-made issues, such as theft and security breaches, and even issues like pandemics, throw a wrench in business operations. The thing is, business process outsourcing can include continuity planning, so your organization doesn’t shut down at all when the unexpected happens, or the issues are minimized. In this sense, your organization keeps more cash and recovers faster, giving it a leg up over competitors.  

Boost Your Profitability with Contact Center Outsourcing

With three decades in the industry, DATAMARK knows no two businesses are alike. We’ve developed and implemented high-performing outsourced contact centers for government agencies and large organizations, addressing everything from customer service through collections, warranty programs, and loyalty programs and will elevate your offerings to. To start boosting your profitability, contact us for a contact center consultation.

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