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How Millennials May Lead to Outsourcing Contact Centers

Millennials may change the way companies outsource contact centers

The millennial generation-comprised of individuals currently between the ages of 22 to 37- has a spending power projected to reach a value of $4 trillion by 2030. Because of this interminable influence on the economy, millennials are rapidly becoming a determining factor in how business is conducted within the consumer goods industry as it strives to provide them with quality products and services. Intertwined in this affair are contact centers, usually the brand’s first impression of customer service.

Millennials and Brand Loyalty

Recent research shows that millennials are one of the most loyal generations to their preferred brands, with a little over 60% stating they are quite dedicated to purchasing only quality products from trusted brands. Additional research showed that only one percent of millennials are actually influenced by advertising. Instead, what millennials base their consumer behaviors and loyalty on is the quality experience every time they have an encounter with a brand.  50% of them also mentioned that they preferred a one-of-a-kind experience over any other incentive from companies.  As millennials develop purchasing patterns and tendencies that they will carry into their late adulthoods, it is best to develop a good relationship with this consumer pool now.

Developing Relationships with Millennials

One way brands can do so is by establishing quality-providing contact centers. Fully functioning and efficient contact centers provide the exemplary customer experience millennials are seeking. They make decisions based on personal, authentic brand connection. With 67% of millennial consumers having higher expectations for customer service today than just a year ago. Additionally, 78% expect customer service via an omnichannel experience. Meaning all of their information, product information, and service history is available when they connect with an agent.

How DATAMARK Can Help You

DATAMARK, Inc., a global leading Business Process Services (BPS) and contact center operations company. We are experts in improving contact center processes. Our business engineering consultants apply Lean Six Sigma methodology and automated technologies to deliver quality customer service experience. A good example of this would be low call wait times. 60% of millennials disconnect the line after one minute of hold time and 34% won’t call again. DATAMARK’s trained and expert staff are skilled in keeping call volume low and providing speedy service without compromising quality.

What Millennials are Use To

Most millennials grew up highly involved with both digital and mobile technology. Leading contact centers know this and have integrated omnichannel services. Of those who have, 91% have experienced an increase year after year in client retention.

DATAMARK contact center agents work on omnichannel operating systems, which, as aforementioned, millennials prefer. 

It’s important to remember that millennials are offered more choices than any other generation before them. This makes it easy for them to completely drop one product or service and go with another. The Aspen Consumer Experience Index study suggests that 25% of millennials abandon a brand after one unfortunate experience, and 82% abandon brand three.

DATAMARK’s business engineering processes can help facilitate the outsourcing of a contact center. Ensuring service and brand optimization for a company’s millennial customers.

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