Thought Leadership

How Outsourcing Can Improve the Quality of Your Customer Service

The way people interact with businesses and the expectations they have are changing. Outsourcing can help you evolve in meaningful ways that improve customer service, but to truly understand the benefits, you have to know what people want and need from your organization first.

Three key trends include:
  1. A preference for faster resolutions.
  2. Personalized experiences.
  3. And help on demand.
Let’s take a deeper look.

(1) A recent consumer survey found that 62% of people believe swift resolutions to their problems are essential. The same amount say they shouldn’t have to repeat any actions as part of the process either.

Outsourcing provides the talent, processes, and accountability to ensure what matters most to customers—speed and rapid resolutions—are provided.

(2) The same survey discovered that 86% of people expect the representative to know about their previous interactions with the company and 76% say the information should be comprehensive, spanning across all communication channels and data points. Yet, just one-in-four businesses meet this expectation.

A comprehensive outsourcing solutions provider will take steps to ensure all systems communicate with one another, even if that means developing new solutions or creating innovative ways to breathe new life into legacy systems. That way, representatives on the front lines have the information necessary to meet customer expectations and provide better service.

(3) The frequency in which people contact businesses is changing too. Survey results found that only 6% of Baby Boomers will contact a business ten times or more per year. On the other hand, 15% of Gen Z-ers do. Being able to scale to meet their needs is essential for businesses that serve younger generations now but will become a universal concern as more of Generation Z reaches adulthood.

Outsourcing lets you tap into an on-demand workforce that empowers you to effortlessly scale as demands shift.

In the end, if you’re struggling with a customer service issue or think your business could deliver better service but aren’t sure where to start or how to create meaningful change, then the next logical step is to consult with an expert.

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