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How to Choose Between Call Center Outsourcing Companies

What might seem like minor differences between call center outsourcing companies usually wind up being the very things that make or break your experience. It’s important to spend some time getting to know each of the companies you’re considering and what each brings to the table to ensure your experience is everything you hope it will be. Below, we’ll go over a few of the primary considerations when choosing call center outsourcing, so you can find a company that’s a true partner in growth and delivers on your expectations.

Assess Their Services

You may be choosing call center outsourcing purely because you want your calls managed, but do a little digging to ensure you’re getting everything you’ll need for some time to come in this new partnership.

Current Fit: Consider whether they can handle all your communication needs in a variety of mediums.

Proven Models: Find out if potential partners have helped organizations similar to yours and what models they’ve already had success with.

Scalability: Growth occurs in a variety of ways. Ensure your call center services can be scaled up or down as needed and what additional services your new partner may be able to assist with in the future. Given that they should already be familiar with your business, values, brand, and other details, a long-term relationship with a single company that consistently delivers is best.

Confirm They Have the Experience Necessary to Be Successful

Call center outsourcing companies often note the number of years they’ve been in service. That’s a good start. After all, those that fail to deliver don’t stay in business for three decades like DATAMARK has. However, you’ll want to look deeper than years alone. For example, DATAMARK works exclusively with enterprise-level organizations, and this includes experience supporting Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. We also have specialized experience with numerous industries, so it’s easier for us to address sector-specific pain points, regulatory compliance, and other issues.

Evaluate the Locations of Call Center Outsourcing Companies

Choosing call center outsourcing doesn’t necessarily lock you into off-shoring. In fact, your outsourced call center can be based in just about any location you want.

On-Shore: Based here in the United States, on-shore call centers deliver efficiency and quality. DATAMARK offers multiple on-shore outsourcing models.

On-Site: If you want your call center operations expertly managed yet kept under your own roof, on-site outsourcing may be right for you.

Near-Site: Free up space in your facility and tap into the benefits of outsourcing by choosing a near-site model.

Near-Shore: For more significant cost savings over an on-shore model and easier access to a bilingual talent pool, a near-shore model works beautifully. DATAMARK has facilities just across the border from our headquarters in El Paso, Texas, to serve these needs.

Off-Shore: Many organizations shifted to off-shore destinations several years ago to cut costs even more. The more recent trend is bringing call centers closer to home again to enhance quality. Off-shore destinations are more often chosen for things like data entry and processing nowadays. However, if you’re still interested in a off-shore arrangement, speak with call center outsourcing companies that have facilities around the globe, so you can be sure you’re receiving fair and unbiased information about the risks and benefits.  

Look for Potential Communication Barriers

Communication barriers typically occur on two fronts. First, there are sometimes language barriers between representatives and the customers they serve. This tends to happen more with off-shore outsourcing. Secondly, communication issues can emerge between the center, itself, and the company it’s serving. Get details about what kind of reporting you can expect and how often you’ll see reports. The transparency will prove invaluable.

Examine Cultural Fit

Make sure the business process outsourcing (BPO) provider you chose embodies the same values as your company, has a great company culture itself, and that the attitude can be felt in the representatives as they serve your customers. They should seem like they’re part of your internal team to the caller. Although it’s harder to achieve this, the right partner will also learn the intricacies of your brand and make sure details are communicated with the team taking your calls, so customers have the best experience possible.

Explore the Technology Available

The right technology enhances service, creates greater efficiency, provides continuity, can save you money, and more. However, it takes time to explore emerging technology, and the financial investment can be substantial. Always be sure you’re choosing call center outsourcing options that make technology a priority, so you get the results you deserve.

Consider Added Value

Call center outsourcing companies create efficiencies and know how to operate cost-effectively, so it’s only natural that many organizations switch to outsourcing to save money. However, it’s essential to look beyond the price. If two companies seem similar, find out if they deliver value in other ways. For example, maybe you find regular reporting or live reporting helpful. Perhaps one offers enhanced business continuity services, something that’s genuinely invaluable when unexpected events like pandemics or natural disasters occur.

Find Out What Choosing Call Center Outsourcing Through DATAMARK is Like

At DATAMARK, we encourage you to explore multiple call center outsourcing companies and make an informed decision. Our happiest clients tend to be those that have done the research or started with another company and didn’t get the results they wanted because the company they chose didn’t meet their needs in one of the core areas outlined here. When you’re ready, reach out to us for a consultation, and we’ll walk you through the best options for your organization.

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