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Is Customer Service Outsourcing For Better or For Worse?

Trying to figure out how to improve customer service? Customer service outsourcing may have crossed your mind as a potential solution, but many companies wonder whether leveraging outsourced contact centers will enhance service as they hope or make it worse. The reality is it has the potential to do both. The outcome depends on how you approach it.

Outsourcing Customer Service Can Improve Customer Service

When you work with an experienced customer outsourcing company that gets to know your business, its needs, and your customers, the service your contact center provides is amplified in a number of ways.

You’re tapping into expert help.

Chances are customer service is not what your organization does. It’s an aspect that must be managed in order to remain in business or deliver extra value through things like loyalty programs and warranty services. When you work with an experienced outsourcing firm, they’re specialists in service optimization because it is what they do. Think of it like any other business service. Sure, you could do your own taxes, but can you do them as efficiently and accurately as a tax specialist? Can you ensure you’re getting every deduction possible without the worry of audits? Probably not. Delivering great customer service is the same.

Your customers can receive assistance tailored to their needs.

Issues like interoperability between systems, outdated technology, and language barriers can create roadblocks to great service. Because outsourcing customer service companies can address everything from talent through tech, you can improve customer service without having to address every aspect of the chain internally.

You can deliver faster service.

The barriers to great service that many businesses wrestle with slow down their processes. Customers often disconnect when they don’t get a rep who can help them on the first try, repeat calls overwhelm infrastructure, and bottlenecks build at essential touchpoints. As barriers are eliminated, service organically speeds up, resulting in happier customers.

Scaling to meet demands is easy.

Handling all your customer service needs in-house means you’re responsible for ensuring the infrastructure can handle increased demands and that you have a trained team in place to cope with influxes. Many customer service outsourcing companies have a vast resource pool to split among clients, so you can scale on demand for seasonal shifts, marketing campaigns, or anytime you need more coverage.

Continuity can be built into your plan.

If you’re operating out of a single location, countless unexpected events can shut down your contact center. A storm, widespread illness, power outage, system failure, or other unforeseeable issues can easily take your center offline. Outsourcing customer service with built-in continuity planning gives you an extra layer of protection, so you can continue delivering top-notch service come what may.

The power to make data-driven decisions is in your hands.

Although not every outsourcing company focuses on data and transparency, it’s something we’re big on here at DATAMARK. Our clients receive regular reports and can tap into real-time reporting tools anytime they wish, so it’s easy to see real measurements of success. This transparency arms our clients with the information needed to make decisions that drive the business forward in remarkable ways.

Outsourcing Can Make Customer Service Worse

Despite the benefits, outsourcing doesn’t always improve customer service. When companies see dips in their customer service or satisfaction scores, it usually comes down to just a handful of causes.

Language and cultural barriers can frustrate customers.

Customers who reach a representative they can’t understand or who they don’t feel understands them will have a poor experience. While many people think of this in terms of offshore outsourcing, it’s worth noting that oftentimes those calling in may not speak English. A well-run call center will have reps who can engage with customers fluently. DATAMARK addresses this in many ways, such as through developing contact centers in multiple locations and bringing bilingual representatives on board.

Unprepared representatives irritate customers and result in unnecessary repeat contacts.

In some situations, there’s a disconnect between the business and the reps fielding service calls, simply because they’re not part of that company directly. At DATAMARK, we make sure everyone taking calls is trained just like an internal employee would be, so they’re true brand ambassadors and experts in the products and services they support.

Businesses can lose control and oversight of what the third-party contact center is doing.

Not all outsourcing companies are transparent, which makes it difficult for organizations to know whether their customers are being served within two minutes or ten and how many times it takes to resolve an issue. DATAMARK has the systems in place to create a great experience every time, which is a big reason why we love sharing the data with you.

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