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IT Problems Can Cause Employees to Lose Two Work Weeks Every Year

The email server goes down, the WiFi connection drops, and the computer freezes …

At work, these little daily tech glitches add up over the course of a year–two full work weeks, according to a new study from Robert Half Technology, a worldwide staffing firm.

Robert Half surveyed some 300 Canadian office workers, asking “How many minutes per day, on average, would you say you lose to technology issues?”

The mean response was 19 minutes a day, which over the course of five eight-hour days and 50 weeks a year adds up to almost 80 hours, or two weeks’ worth of work.

Workers were also asked to rate the quality of their company’s IT infrastructure on a scale of 1 to 5, and despite the reported daily issues with computers and networks, 44 percent of respondents said their tech infrastructure was good or excellent.

“For technology to improve business productivity, rather than hinder it, companies must ensure that their teams are provided the proper resources to help make the best use of the tools available to them,” said Deborah Bottineau, senior regional manager of Robert Half Technology. “If not functioning properly, technology can create delays and inefficiencies making a proficient help desk an invaluable asset to any company.”

The staffing firm said proactive strategies can help organizations keep computer downtime to a minimum. This includes hiring help desk staff that are trained in the latest IT practices; setting up employees with the right technology and educating them to help prevent repeated problems, and anticipate delivering extra support during upgrades or implementations of new technology.

Robert Half Technology Survey: Employees lose two weeks of work due to IT-related issues. (CNW Group/Robert Half Canada)

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