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Bill Randag is CEO and President of El Paso, Texas-based DATAMARK, Inc., which for more than 30 years has empowered FORTUNE 500 companies and large enterprises with the strategies, solutions, and workforce to streamline workflows, control risks, and reduce costs. Bill has more than 25 years of senior management expertise with DATAMARK, which provides a wide range of BPO services, including contact center services, document lifecycle management, and finance & accounting outsourcing. Randag recently spoke with Professor Kevin P. Young of George Mason University’s School of Business about DATAMARK successfully helping companies, regardless of industries, improve efficiency and profitability in their business and operational functions.


GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Bill, we appreciate the opportunity to provide our readers with leadership insight and best practices. Let’s begin by asking about your early academic and professional background. I know you’re an LSU Tiger and a former Air Force pilot.

BILL RANDAG: Yes. After earning a B.A. in Mathematics from LSU in 1988 and being a member of the U.S. Air Force ROTC, I joined the Air Force and served as a Cessna T-37 Tweet and WC-130 Hercules pilot and instructor. Upon leaving active service for the Air Force, I joined DATAMARK in the Fall of 1993 as a sales executive – and then moved into marketing, operations, and executive roles.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: LSU had some excellent football teams back then, including beating South Carolina in the Gator Bowl in 1987.

BILL RANDAG: For sure, Top 20 all four years.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: What brought you to DATAMARK when you left active service?

BILL RANDAG: It was a good, solid company in a preferred location. The capabilities of business process outsourcing and customer care – or contact centers – were becoming established and popular. DATAMARK already had an impressive customer base, including an F100 Logistics and Package Delivery company – one of our longest and most successful clients – and it was the right decision all these years later.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: How does DATAMARK support this client you just mentioned?

BILL RANDAG: Broadly, we support many of their plans, programs, and functions across shipping and delivery services, as well as supply chain management. It’s been a solid and successful multi-year business relationship.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: I should have asked about DATAMARK’s mission statement.

BILL RANDAG: We provide our clients with superior quality services in a secure environment, competitively priced and delivered on time, thereby achieving fair compensation for our efforts and investment, enabling DATAMARK to continue its growth in the marketplace. That’s the “secret sauce.”

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Other than Transportation and Logistics, what other industries are of focus for DATAMARK?

BILL RANDAG: Our growth industries include Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Retail and Manufacturing, Insurance, and Energy and Utilities.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: You’re often asked this question. What do you tell potential customers are the benefits of partnering with a company such as DATAMARK for contact center and business process outsourcing (BPO) services?

BILL RANDAG: Obviously, each company – each case – is distinct. However, broadly, the key advantages we offer our clients include:

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Your company has quite a portfolio of industries and services. Are you looking to add any new areas?

BILL RANDAG: Any paper- / process- / customer-care intensive industry is a strong candidate for our services. Obviously, one needs to maintain operational excellence and information privacy for all customer processes and procedures. Without getting into specifics, our company has many expanding opportunities – driven by knowledge management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, communications and networking, and information technology supply chains.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Agree. Just look at the newer generation of buyers – Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z. That’s about one-third of all Americans in the total population.

BILL RANDAG: … Also, look at our most successful U.S. companies. They are 100 percent technology-focused – including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft. Standing still in our economy today means you’re losing ground.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: You have spoken and written on “Performance and Profit-Boosting Contact Center Predictions.” Could you please provide a summary? These are especially relevant given our current (COVID) economy.

BILL RANDAG: Sure, key actionable areas include – but are not limited to:

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Other than the key advantages we discussed earlier, and given your many years at DATAMARK, what do you see as the key value propositions for BPO?

BILL RANDAG: In a nutshell, it’s harder and harder for companies to remain competitive with consistently good staffing and evolving technologies and capabilities – the back office and the front office – to meet its constantly changing business challenges. Having a tried and true, cost-competitive BPO partner allows companies to keep a laser focus on their core customer commitments and deliverables. There’s a reason why the most successful companies, regardless of size and industry, rely on partners such as DATAMARK for their non-core functions. Successfully run them; manage and measure them; then repeat.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: How about customer care – or contact centers?

BILL RANDAG: That is an expanding and critical need for companies – regardless of industry, regardless of products or services, regardless of being Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Government (B2G), or a hybrid. Our economy is now worldwide, 24x7x365; it may slow down here and there, but it never sleeps and stops. And, as mentioned, standing still in business means you’re losing ground. You consistently need to keep your customers satisfied. A loyal customer, and a customer advocate, are always the key to success – B2B, B2C, and B2G. A robust and successful customer care center approach is critical to keeping customers delighted.

GMU SCHOOL OF BUSINESS: Thanks again, Bill, for your time and insights today; very informative.

BILL RANDAG: It is my pleasure.

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