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Maintain Your Brand Image When Outsourcing Your Contact Center

Language, location, and training are elements that create a seamless extension of your brand.

Brand Image

Your products, services, and marketing messages all work together to shape a brand image for your company. Depending on your target market, your brand has a unique voice: It may say, “upscale and luxury,” or “family-friendly values,” or “young, hip, and tech-savvy.”

With everything you’ve invested to build your customer fan base, it’s important to remember that the contact center is the front line of your brand image. If you decide to outsource your contact center to reduce operating costs and focus on your core business, make sure you work with a partner like DATAMARK that understands the importance of being a seamless extension of your brand.

Speaking the customer’s language

A consistent brand image across advertising, websites, stores, and contact centers begins with language. For example, if your company is U.S.-based, customers will expect to reach out to an agent who speaks neutral-accented English. Many companies learned this lesson the hard way about a decade ago when they prioritized cost savings over customer service by outsourcing contact center services in countries where non-U.S. English accents and dialects are common. Their brand image suffered when customers became frustrated trying to communicate with these agents.

Brand Image

Fortunately, the trend has shifted, and companies have brought their contact centers back to the U.S., in regions such as the U.S. Midwest and Southwest, where residents speak with neutral English accents. Another popular destination for contact center services is nearshore, in Mexico, where the agent workforce consists of many who were educated in the United States and can speak fluent American-accented English as well as Spanish. Additionally, the Philippines remains an attractive offshore destination for contact center services, thanks to a workforce that speaks English with a neutral American accent.

It’s all about location

The location also is important for maintaining a seamless brand image in an outsourced contact center. U.S.-based and nearshore agents who grew up in and often travel in the U.S. will have an unmistakable familiarity with American culture, history, and trending news.

Being located close to your operations will also help ensure agents are familiar with your company’s latest news, leadership strategies, and initiatives. Remember, you have customers who are major fans of your products and services. When they call, email, or webchat with an agent, they will be pleased to find that the agent is “in the know” about what’s going on with your company. The customer experience will feel seamless and not “bolted on.”

Training agents to be your brand ambassador

Agent training is one of the most important links in the chain to ensure your brand image is preserved when outsourcing customer service. Depending on the size of the contact center, it may be possible to train agents on-site at your headquarters and facilities so they gain in-depth knowledge about your company’s products and services, leadership, culture, and history. For very large contact center operations, an option can be a train-the-trainer approach, where agent supervisors and trainers spend time at your company and bring the lessons learned to trainees at the off-site contact center.

Our facility, your brand

A good contact center services partner will also turn the physical facility into an extension of your brand. Your company’s colors and logos can grace the walls, for example. Daily or weekly updates from your company can be broadcast to the contact center floor and to training rooms and break rooms. An experienced contact center services partner like DATAMARK will understand the importance of ongoing knowledge sharing. A number of communication channels can open the door to effective performance monitoring by the client and useful feedback from the contact center services provider. These channels include daily, weekly and monthly reports as well as regular videoconferencing and the hosting of on-site visits from the client.

Are you looking to work with a contact center services provider that knows what it takes to become an extension of your brand? Reach out to a DATAMARK contact center specialists today.

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