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Millennials Can Be Loyal Consumers–but Only if Customer Service Comes Through

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Millennials may not have the kind of buying power as the Baby Boomers, but that will change soon as today’s 20-and-30-year-olds enter their 40s. This is why companies want to wrap their heads around the customer-experience preferences of this younger demographic–typically described as those born between 1982 and 1994.

To this end, global marketing information services company J.D. Power has tapped its vast trove of consumer studies to create what it describes as the most comprehensive report on Millennials to date, the first-ever “Millennials Insight Report: The Customer Experience Perspective.”

The complete report is available to J.D. Power report subscribers and select clients, but the company has publicly shared some key findings regarding Millennial consumer attitudes. They include:

Keith Webster, senior vice president, and general manager, service industries Americas at J.D. Power, says there are nuances of the Millennial generation–a unique and highly diverse group–that set them apart from other demographic groups.

“… it’s those nuances that are so critical for business leaders to know right now as they wrestle with the challenge of anticipating customer demand in an incredibly fast-moving marketplace, where getting it wrong can have catastrophic effects,” Webster said. “We believe this research helps to demystify the Millennial generation by offering concrete data on their real-world consumer interactions.”

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