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Organizations Struggling to Implement Mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

More and more employees take their favorite computing gadgets to the office to get work done, a trend known as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

But enterprises are having a tough time connecting a complex universe of iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets, Surface tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices to content available in organizations, according to a new report from AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management.

Only 10 percent of business executives surveyed described their BYOD programs as “smooth running.” And 40 percent of organizations have zero mobile access to the company’s content, reports the AIIM study, “Mobile and Cloud: accessing, capturing and processing content.”

On a positive note, respondents said that their cloud-based enterprise content management (ECM) initiatives have reached a significant level of maturity. Three-quarters say they will be likely to use some form of cloud ECM within the next four years. More than a quarter (26 percent) are using cloud-based ECM systems already.

“Mobile is one of the biggest disruptive forces technology has seen, and there is simply no debate – organizations have to put mobile at the core of their content strategies,” said AIIM Chief Analyst Doug Miles. “It has changed forever the way people work and collaborate, and workers need to access enterprise content via mobile. The good news is that many organizations have acknowledged this and mobile emerged as the biggest area for future ECM investment in our research.”

Companies are moving slowly to control, protect and dispose of information accessed and shared via mobile devices. Only 17 percent of respondents said their company has a mobile information governance policy, and just 5 percent said their organization has someone employed in the role of a Chief Mobile Officer (CMOO).

Miles said many of the perceived barriers to the cloud and mobile ECM deployment are “long gone.” He believes now is the time for companies to invest in cloud and mobile ECM.

“There is more content than ever before, with volumes growing daily in many enterprises,” Miles said. “So using the best ways to manage that content, get the most value from it and empower workers to work more effectively just makes sense. ECM is changing and organizations need to be able to change with it.”

Other key findings of the AIIM study include:

• Only 10 percent of organizations have a firm “no cloud” policy in regard to ECM.

• Individuals feel more confident about moving ECM/DM content to the cloud than the organizations they work for: 87 percent compared to 42 percent.

• Thirty percent are planning a BYOD program or are in the midst of rolling one out. 20 percent have a BYOD program that is “working okay, but with some issues.”

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