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Providing Outstanding CX: How We Do It

Outstanding CX

Since Datamark’s inception in 1989 by Bill and Becky Holmes, we’ve been known to provide outstanding CX. The teams we have constructed worldwide work hard daily to provide the best customer service possible. We strive to be the best for your company and customers. It is in the DNA of our company to always provide each and every customer with the best CX and the best solutions for their problems. Datamark’s main goal is to assist your customers in the most efficient way possible, and here is how we do it!

What is CX?

To start, let’s define precisely what CX stands for and what it is. Customer experience (CX) can be defined as how a business engages with its customers at every point of its buying journey—from marketing to sales to customer service and everywhere in between. In Datamark’s case, the main focus is customer service. This depends on what each company needs from a call or contact center. Some companies may need more than customer service. Some may require social media management or market research done for them, and Datamark can provide that too!

CX is the overall impression customers gather from their interactions with your company or contact center. It’s an absolute must to make this experience a positive one to keep current customers happy and bring new ones in. Contact centers like Datamark don’t just deal with your existing customers; they also deal with your potential customers by answering inquiries. Whether it be through contact request forms, social media, or various other communication channels, your chosen contact center should deal with all types of customers and their needs. And, Datamark works great with companies who need omnichannel existence.

CX involves customers’ feelings along with their experiences. Therefore, it is essential that customers feel good about your company, its products, and customer service. Customers should have a positive reaction after interacting or purchasing from your company. Datamark’s global contact centers are dedicated to providing outstanding CX to all customers for all types of issues and inquiries, so they feel good about using your company!

Why is CX important?

Customer experience is everything to every company. Throughout the buyer’s/customer’s journey, customers must have a continuous good experience using your company’s goods or services. Let’s go over four reasons why CX is crucial for any company’s success.

#1: Keeps customers loyal

When there is a great emphasis on positive CX, and you take good care of your customers, they are more likely to remain loyal to your company. All it takes is one bad experience to lose a customer forever. You are more likely to retain customers if you continuously provide the best customer service. Utilizing contact centers like Datamark can boost your customer service and lead to a better customer experience.

#2: Helps to build relationships

Whatever your company sells or offers, building relationships is key to growing your company. You want strong relationships with your customers, and a contact center with a reputation for providing good CX can help you with that. Customers will keep returning and continue building a relationship with your company. Every good experience leads to a loyal customer.

#3: Leads to a good reputation

Having a good reputation is essential to the growth of your business. You can easily do this by utilizing CX. Customers can leave good reviews or use word of mouth to let others know about their experience. A bad reputation is sure to follow if your company does not provide good customer service. Outsourcing is always an excellent way to solve this problem and help improve your reputation!

#4: Improves your ROI

When you meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, they will continue to purchase your products and services. When you utilize a call or contact center, you want an ROI in that section to be consistent. Investing in a call or contact center can seem like a risk to some, but seeing how one improves CX is all worth it. A positive CX can lead to ROI in other areas of your company as well.

These are just four of the many reasons why CX is crucial to success.

How Datamark Provides Excellent CX

All call and contact centers aim to provide the best CX possible, but here at Datamark, it’s in our DNA. Since our founding, our primary goal has been to provide the best service possible to many industries. Therefore, we aim to provide quality service all around the world in as many languages as possible. Datamark has centers in America, India, and Mexico that are always available to assist your company. Some languages we specialize in are:

Along with offering various languages, here are five more ways Datamark provides excellent CX:

#1: Efficient Technical Support

Datamark offers remarkable technical support for your products and services. Our highly trained agents go beyond a script. They are trained to assist with your products and will not stop until the problem is solved. As a result, your customers will be well taken care of each time.

#2: Interpretation Services

We put much emphasis on closing language barriers at Datamark. We offer professional linguistic services to all customers. As mentioned, we specialize in many languages and are located in several locations worldwide. Datamark wants to be able to assist customers from all around the world.

#3: In-depth Research

Datamark provides in-depth research services to all companies. Since we offer omnichannel services to your customers, we are able to gather mass amounts of information and data for you. Analytics and statistics like this can help your company make further decisions on marketing, consumer relations, employee retention, and much more.

#4: Above & Beyond Customer Care

Since providing excellence is in our DNA, we go above and beyond when it comes to customer care. We have the most updated technology in our facilities, and our agents train to handle the most complicated of issues. In addition, we will use any device or software possible to provide solutions to your customers. Whether it be on the phone, through social media, or by email, we are prepared to provide the best service!

#5: Updated Technology

Datamark uses various management systems and other technologies to deliver excellent CX. From software to phone systems to computers, we provide our agents with the best technologies to do their job.

Technology at Datamark

Datamark uses the most updated technology available in our facilities. By keeping technology as updated as possible, we are able to provide good and quick service for a variety of issues. All computers, telephones, tablets, and headsets are as updated as possible. But, the most important technology we use is our software. Some of this technology we use includes:

#1: Self-service technology/Omnichannel capabilities

Datamark employs the use of many different types of self-service technologies. These include

Using these types of technologies helps to automate further and allows customers more options for how they would like to receive assistance. They also help by lowering centers by allowing more than one way to help your customers and quick solutions!

#2: Performance Management Software

Performance management software allows Datamark to keep track of how our contact center employees are working. It also shows how agents compare to each other, giving more incentive to do a better job. There are also tangible awards and bonuses that can be rewarded through this system to those who have surpassed certain tiers.

#3: Knowledge Organization Systems

A knowledge management system allows employees to find all the information they need easily. These systems can store customer details, quick fixes, product information, and so much more. This is a great type of software to store all the necessary data. This helps agents quickly find customers and their information and give them a great experience.

#4: Quality Management Software

This allows agents to record and monitor calls, chats, emails, or any other way a customer chooses to communicate. Agents can also screen record everything they do for the customer through this software to review later. This helps improve the quality of service and allows agents to go back and see what could have been done better.

#5: Workforce Management Systems

Workforce management systems assist with forecasting call volume, call drivers, trends, and all other types of analytics. It also helps to identify key performance indicators for our contact centers. These indicators include call efficiency and how well service is being delivered.

These are just five of the many technologies used at Datamark’s contact centers. They all help us provide the best CX possible to each and every customer in a variety of ways.

Our Agents

While technology does help immensely with providing excellent CX, it is the agents that help us deliver. Our agents here at Datamark train to provide the best service possible to all customers. We employ over 3,000 employees, and we search specifically for people who understand the necessity of CX. In addition, we aim to keep our employees happy so they can continue to work hard and provide outstanding service to your customers.

We treat all employees like lifelong employees, so when they feel taken care of, they do an even better job. Datamark also puts great emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Fostering a healthy company culture is vital to any business’ longevity. We aim to celebrate our differences and allow all our employees to express themselves. By promoting this type of environment, Datamark is able to have access to all kinds of talent from all kinds of backgrounds.

Since we are open to all types of backgrounds, we actively encourage all kinds of military personnel to apply to work at Datamark! We value your unique expertise and the skills you will bring to our various contact centers. With all these different skill sets, each of our contact centers is full of the best agents this industry offers.

Thorough training, efficient technology, and good management help create a good environment for our agents to work in. Agents who enjoy their workplace are more likely to provide better service and stay with Datamark. We aim to provide our agents with everything they need to do their job and make it as easy as possible.

Final Thoughts

Here at Datamark, we strive every day to provide the best assistance we can to all customers. It’s in the DNA of our company to put forth our best and give customers the best experience every time they contact us for help. Our job is to help your customers with their problems and aim to do that as efficiently as possible. We can do this through the use of technology and our agents.

Providing outstanding CX is what we do best at Datamark, and we want to continue to have that reputation. Therefore, it’s important to us, our clients, and their customers to exceed the expectations of a contact center. If you want to know more, you can contact us today by filling out this form. Let us help you transform your customer service!

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