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Should You Consider Business Process Outsourcing in America?

Businesses of any size, from startups to large firms, reach a point where they must perform business functions that are beyond their area of expertise. In an effort to maximize productivity and save money, many turn to business process outsourcing.

However, when the subject of business process outsourcing comes up, most people think of foreign operations many time zones away. While off-shore outsourcing certainly has its benefits, there are plenty of perks to on-shore outsourcing.

If you know your business has reached a point in which you need qualified experts, to reduce costs and a way to increase efficiency, then on-shore outsourcing could work for you.

What is On-Shore Outsourcing?

It’s a straightforward concept, on-shore outsourcing is when a company contracts other firms based in the same country. This method can offer an alternative as well as solutions to certain complications that come with offshoring tasks.

Through on-shore business process outsourcing, there are two models to follow: on-site and near-site outsourcing solutions. Both methods can offer unique results for your organization.

An on-site outsourcing model, also known as a facility-managed model, keeps your business process at your location, but it is managed and staffed by your outsourcing partner’s employees. This is an ideal solution for business processes that have certain document control and accessibility requirements. 

The near-site outsourcing model offers similar benefits to the on-site method but is best for companies that may need to keep business processes conveniently located while re-allocating space for income-producing, core business functions. With this method, your business gets all the benefits of business process outsourcing while freeing up valuable space for expansion.

Why Choose On-shore Outsourcing?

Now that you have a better understanding of what on-shore outsourcing really means, let’s look at how it could benefit you and your business. Take a look at the ways on-shore outsourcing could take your organization to the next level:

  1. Understand Your Market: When outsourcing items like customer service, it’s essential that your partner understands your clients and their needs. Keeping your outsourcing efforts local can help avoid costly mistakes that may happen due to language or cultural barriers.
  2. Saves You Money: The low cost of off-shore outsourcing is one of the main reasons many companies choose it, but that doesn’t mean that on-shore outsourcing will go over budget. In the early stages of establishing your outsourced business functions, having your outsourcing provider local or nearby will save you time and money on travel expenses.
  3. Extra Layer of Security: Breaches can happen anywhere, but partnering with an on-shore service provider can help eliminate the concern of data security laws, technology standards, and privacy laws that differ between countries.
  4. Adds Value to Your Community: It should go without saying that when you outsource on-shore, you’re supporting local job creation and helping communities grow. Plus, your customers will appreciate that you are investing in the U.S.

On-shore outsourcing can give your organization the competitive edge and expertise it needs to continue to grow and thrive. While choosing an outsourcing model is no easy task, on-shore outsourcing is an excellent choice to help you meet business requirements while maintaining visibility over the process.

DATAMARK Can Help With On-shore Outsourcing

DATAMARK operates facilities for onshore business process outsourcing across various cities including three sites in El Paso, Texas, one site in San Antonio, Texas, and one site in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. However, potential locations for outsourced business processes are not limited to these areas. DATAMARK can implement and ramp up business services at any on-shore or near-shore location to meet your business requirements.

DATAMARK has provided business process outsourcing solutions for organizations and businesses across various industries since 1989. DATAMARK’s U.S. on-shore outsourcing locations offer benefits such as a large workforce of college-educated, bilingual speakers, a very low risk of business interruptions due to natural disasters, convenient travel, shipping, and communication, and much more!

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