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Six Common BPO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

BPO Mistakes

High-quality results, fewer admin duties, and cheaper rates are among some of the top reasons many organizations look to business process outsourcing (BPO) services. However, with the right research, plan, and BPO partner, your organization can gain so much more beyond cheaper labor and quick results.

To reach a point where your BPO provider is a long-term strategic partner that identifies and analyzes opportunities for growth you must know the landmines to avoid. Whether you’re a first-time BPO client or you’ve been outsourcing your business processes for years, these are the biggest red flags to look out for when outsourcing.

Implementing BPO in your Business

While business process outsourcing may work for businesses across various industries across the world, there is no blanket approach to BPO services. Unfortunately, many business leaders neglect to recognize the need and value of custom BPO solutions.

If you’re looking to implement business process outsourcing into your business this year, keep the following list in mind for mistakes to avoid.

Confusion on What to Outsource

This issue is especially common for first-time BPO clients. While competitors may outsource one function your organization may have a completely different need. An experienced BPO provider will help you develop a strategic approach helping you identify what should stay in-house and what is best left to your outsourcing team.

Opting for the Lowest Bid

Understandably, every organization has budget to stick to, but the pitfall of opting for the lowest bid when seeking a BPO provider is that you fail to acknowledge the value that BPO solutions can offer. While one provider may cost more upfront, the value they’ll bring to your company will more than make up for your spending. Additionally, you may end up spending more money in training or seeking other BPO providers should you decide to cut ties with a BPO company that fit your budget and not your needs.

Failing to Identify Clear Expectations

Although similar to the first point, the sentiment is a little different here. Understanding what to outsource and understanding your own expectations of how the processes will be handled are different. Get clear on why you’re outsourcing and what you hope to achieve with it and then communicate these expectations with your BPO provider. Failure to do so may result in poor communication, missed goals, and an overall breakdown of outsourcing.

Not Measuring Performance

Business process outsourcing is not a quick fix that you implement and walk away from rather it is an ongoing opportunity to optimize business processes. Setting up measurement standards will guarantee quality and a higher chance of success. Often times newcomers to BPO services get frustrated because they can’t see exactly how business process outsourcing is benefitting them.

Ignoring the Value of Efficient Communication

Even though your BPO partner will be handling certain processes it’s important to prioritize clear, timely, and effective communication. Regular communication can keep you both on the same page and allow your BPO partner a chance to fill you in on new opportunities for growth. You will have more free time to dedicate to other pressing business matters, but your BPO provider should keep you in the loop.

Seeking a Quick Fix

As we mentioned earlier, business process outsourcing can bring about immediate changes yet the real prize is looking at long-term and strategic BPO approaches. Don’t look at outsourcing as a band-aid for current issues or you’re unlikely to see lasting growth and success. 

An experienced BPO provider will help you navigate the common issues associated with business process outsourcing while improving efficiency and profitability in all business functions.

DATAMARK Can Skillfully Execute BPO Solutions

DATAMARK has provided business process outsourcing solutions for organizations and businesses across various industries since 1989. When it comes to BPO relationships, DATAMARK sees our role as a long-term strategic partner that will continuously analyze and identify areas that can be re-engineered and improved within your business processes. 

DATAMARK’s team of experts will help you overcome obstacles. We’ll allow you to step back from processes and workflows that have slowed you down in the past. This way you’re able to focus more on customer-facing issues and growing your business. Help your business reach the next level when you outsource business process outsourcing services with DATAMARK. Learn more about our business process outsourcing services or contact our Business Development Managers.

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