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Smartphones are Changing the Way Businesses do Work

77 percent of business owners say they can “totally or somewhat stay on top of their work” with just a smartphone.

Without a doubt, smartphones are changing the way we work. Though mobile phones often prevent us from escaping business after 5 p.m., many workers say they’ve gained a better work-life balance by being unchained from a desktop PC or laptop.

In a recent study, six out of ten business owners said smartphones are “the single most important technology” for doing work. More than two-thirds (77 percent) said they can either “totally or somewhat stay on top of their work” by using only a smartphone. The research was conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes for UK carrier Three Ireland.

The researchers said the smartphone-for-business trend has been boosted by widely available and reliable high-speed mobile data networks.

High-performance phones and access to countless mobile apps used for business activities traditionally tied to PCs and laptops are also behind the movement.

In India, 85 percent of businesses are using smartphones for the employee hiring process, according to a study by TeamLease. Hiring departments are taking advantage of mobile apps for professional networks such as LinkedIn and social networks such as Facebook to source talent.

Many small and medium businesses are saying goodbye to traditional cash registers and are swiping customers’ cards with devices linked to mobile payment apps on smartphones and tablets. These mobile payment services often integrate into mobile accounting apps as well.

Eóin MacManus, Business Director for Three Ireland, said: “This research shows how crucial smartphones are for business life and how important they are as a tool to help businesses become more efficient.”

Sixty percent of business owners surveyed in the Three Ireland study said that being able to conduct business while on the go has given them a better work-life balance—55 percent responded that the mobile lifestyle has “given them the ‘gift of time.’”

And when faced with a choice of only being able to use one device for work, business owners were hard-pressed to give up their smartphones. Given that scenario, 30 percent said they would prefer using a smartphone over a PC or laptop. For traveling, the number rises even higher: 50 percent said they would prefer to use a smartphone for work while in the air or on the road rather than lug along with a laptop or tablet.

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