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The Role of Machine Learning in Business Process Outsourcing

As technology continues to advance and business leaders look for more efficient ways to achieve goals, the conversation around artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, and its role in business development surges. As AI and its capabilities continue to evolve, there have been some discussions around the possibility of machine learning ending the need for business process outsourcing (BPO).

However, machine learning is at best an extension of a solid BPO strategy, not a replacement. When implemented with the right approach and executed by experienced leaders, machine learning could actually enhance and support your business process outsourcing initiatives.

What is Machine Learning? 

Machine learning is a facet of AI that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without needing to be programmed. Machine learning has been developed in a way such that it continuously learns and improves its output over time and eventually is able to recognize patterns that could take humans a longer period to identify. 

Machine learning utilizes computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves; in turn, companies can transform their workflows, make improvements, and achieve their long-term goals. So how does this fit in with BPO?

Machine Learning and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

 Many companies have already implemented machine learning within their operations, but as some BPO partners are beginning to incorporate machine learning into their own services and applying these AI skills toward customer-facing business processes, many enterprises are seeing the benefits of machine learning within their BPO projects.

The right BPO partner will be able to offer emerging AI, such as machine learning, so that you may achieve unprecedented success. 

  1. Improved Customer Experience: The contact center is perhaps the area where AI has had the most interesting impact. From automated payment processes to chatbots, many consumers have already engaged with AI. Machine learning offers a unique opportunity to identify security breaches and other customer issues quickly. This can help make customer-company interactions more convenient and less prone to error.

  2. Document Processing: Hundreds of documents and incoming mail will be processed using advanced document scanning and data capture technology. Digitizing your mail and document processing can free up time and lower the risk of error throughout your company as well as make handling large amounts of claims, invoices, applications, patient records, and others more manageable. 

  3. Service and Security: Machine learning offers an added layer of protection and the chance to be on the defensive. Whether it’s in the customer service arena or identifying security risks based on trends, machine learning can give you the tools you need to make better business decisions.

Investing in the right technologies to propel your business forward is possible when led by the right partner. While machine learning can enhance your business, it’s important to note that not all machine learning and AI capabilities are the same. The right BPO partner will have more advanced systems that can perform and learn more rapidly than others.

Forward-Thinking Solutions from DATAMARK

If your company has been looking for ways to implement tools that can increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve compliance and customer satisfaction, then machine learning may be the right fit for you.

The best BPO automation practices still require well-trained human team members to ensure things run smoothly. DATAMARK offers business process automation solutions to help ensure you’re leveraging the right tech and have an expertly-trained staff available to handle the tasks bots can’t. 

Get the best of both worlds when you implement emerging tech that aligns with your business. Learn more about our BPO automation services or get in touch with one of our Business Development Managers. 

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