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Top 5 Benefits of Bilingual Contact Centers

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Should your company be leveraging bilingual contact centers? It may seem like it’s the buzzphrase of the day, but there are some serious benefits that add up to increased profitability and better service. Five of the most vital are outlined below.

1. You Can Connect with Millions More People Globally

Every industry and every company likely has at least some customers who speak another language. For example, there are more than 400 million native Spanish speakers across the globe according to Babbel. In this sense, having Spanish bilingual call centers is essential to compete in a global economy. However, a surprising 22 percent of the United States doesn’t speak English at home, per the Migration Policy Institute, and Spanish is the most common language after English. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you serve, chances are at least some of your customers don’t speak English already. Plus, you can widen your audience by millions simply by enabling people who don’t speak English to connect with your company.

2. Abandon Rates Decline

High abandon rates, or the number of people who disconnect before being connected with a representative, can be a sign of a serious problem. While there will always be people in call centers who misdial and hang up when a company name is said, others drop off when the initial options list doesn’t mention alternate languages or the representative cannot assist them due to language barriers. In many cases, the individual will simply disconnect and be unsatisfied. However, some continue to call hoping that, by chance, they’ll connect with a representative who can communicate with them in their mother tongue. Naturally, this taxes the system and can result in an overwhelmed team as well as inefficient service.

3. Customers Have a Better Experience

The service an individual receives when connecting with a company shapes the way he or she views it. Frankly, it’s frustrating to be unable to express an issue to a representative or to be unable to understand the solutions being offered by one. Bilingual contact centers eliminate these issues and ensure the customer has an experience that creates positive feelings about the company.

4. Brand Reputation Rises

Bilingual representatives can explain the value of new products and services in a straightforward way that makes it easier to get customer buy-in. This, paired with the positive sentiments and feeling valued by the company for its additional efforts, have a massive impact on the brand’s reputation.

5. Operating Costs Decline

There are three typical scenarios that occur when a person cannot get the support they need due to language barriers. Two of these situations have been addressed—either the customer disconnects, which results in lost revenue or the customer calls back repeatedly, which results in inefficiencies and increased costs. In some cases, however, companies attempt to provide services similar to those of bilingual contact centers by employing one or two bilingual representatives. As one might imagine, this typically results in team members investing unnecessary excess time trying to find someone who speaks the customer’s language, and/or disproportionate loads are placed on a select few employees. True bilingual contact centers do away with all this, increasing efficiency and decreasing operating costs.

Learn More About Outsourced Bilingual Contact Centers

While bilingual contact centers come with a wealth of benefits on their own, outsourcing your non-core services amplifies the results by eliminating staffing issues, reducing inefficiencies, and offering scalability which keeps up with everchanging demands. DATAMARK offers comprehensive bilingual contact center outsourcing—both onshore and offshore—as well as on-site management and consulting to ensure your customers receive the world-class service they deserve while minimizing the cost of this vital service for your company. Contact us for further details.

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