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Top 6 Reasons to Switch to Mailroom Outsourcing

Not sure if mailroom outsourcing is the right choice for your organization or think that it is, but need to make a case for key stakeholders? Outsourcing mailroom services can be one of the best decisions your company will ever make. However, the benefits of making the switch hinge upon what your greatest challenges and objectives are. Below, we’ll go over six of the top reasons companies opt for outsourced mailroom solutions rather than keeping operations in-house, so it’s easier to get a better idea of how your organization will benefit.

1. Enhance Customer Service

Lost correspondence, incorrectly delivered pieces, and slow delivery can create bottlenecks and diminish internal morale. Although mailroom outsourcing companies are all different, firms like DATAMARK are experts in process engineering and leverage automation to speed delivery while reducing mishandling. The improved customer service is a boon for the internal team that’s directly impacted by your mailroom and your external customers who may benefit both directly and indirectly as well.

2. Go Digital/ Paperless

Does the idea of going paperless or having a digital archive and delivery sound great, but the idea of purchasing all the technology to make it possible seem daunting? Opt for digital outsourced mailroom solutions and cash in on all the benefits of going paperless without the hassle and expense of doing it yourself.

3. Gain Greater Control and Tracking

When you go digital, you take control of your mailroom. Everything from the individual pieces through the time spent on specific processes is tracked, so you know precisely how long it takes for an item to make it through the chain and can always find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Reclaim Physical Space

Commercial real estate is anything but inexpensive. Yours should be working for you and supporting your most critical core missions, not tied up with business processes that could be carried out anywhere. Mailroom outsourcing companies can help you get your square footage back so you can put it to good use.

5. Get Focus

Repetitive business processes may be essential to doing business, but they aren’t why you got into business, and they’re not what you do best. When you outsource them to an expert you can trust, you’re free to focus on the reasons why your company exists, giving you more opportunity to grow and thrive.

6. Reduce Expenses

The reality is, most businesses want to use outsourced mailroom solutions for one of the above reasons, but they can’t do it if it’s going to cost more money. Thankfully, mailroom outsourcing companies are experts in efficiency and have the technology to cut costs onboard already, so you never have to choose between operating cost-effectively and operating well. Moreover, when you work with a company like DATAMARK, the power to create a structure that works best for you is in your hands. If you want greater efficiency but would feel better keeping your mailroom under your own roof, it can be done. Conversely, you can also leverage a nearshore solution for lower-cost labor from a highly-trained team. On-shoring is possible too.

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