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Top 8 Best Practices for Multichannel Customer Contact Centers

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No need to reinvent the wheel–there are many great Multichannel Customer Contact “Best Practices” guides available on the web. We’ve gathered some of the best ideas from GovLoop and After all, it’s the government sector that has to be prepared to respond to customers from all walks of life, on a wide range of topics–from how to get a sick cow back on its feet to understanding the complex details of healthcare reform.

Here’s our compilation of Top 8 Customer Contact Best Practices, plus a bonus “4 Customer ‘Self-Service’ Tips:

1. Understand and comply with all laws and requirements for customer contact within your industry. Research, review, and implement policies and procedures to protect customers’ privacy and account security, as well as laws and requirements for serving customers with disabilities.

2. Use performance metrics to develop business rules and deliver continuous improvement to contact center processes. Here is a helpful link to to learn more.

3. Create a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program. Use collected data and dashboards to gather feedback to share with your contact center team.

4. Build your content strategy. Create content guidelines (along with a content review process). Develop a set of FAQs, and prepare some pre-formatted responses for every channel, including phone, email, webchat, and social media.

5. Determine the top questions and content customers are looking for, and make sure this is easily findable, either through self-service channels or for your agents who deal with customers.

6. Use the same language as your customers–avoid using internal jargon and acronyms that will confuse customers.

7. Engage customers in a two-way dialogue. Offer blogs that allow comments to be posted, online communities, social media forums, and useful videos that instruct, explain and offer an opportunity for customer feedback and questions.

8. Gather feedback from your customers. Monitor all channels for customer concerns and questions. Conduct regular surveys to learn what your customers’ needs are. Conduct surveys to gauge the effectiveness of your customer contact/outreach programs.

4 Customer “Self-Service” Tips

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